Thursday, February 15, 2018

Merry Christmas 2017!

 I know we are already in 2018... but I really wanted to post these photos for keepsake! So pardon me even though today is the eve of Chinese New Year!

 Coen's expression sums up how it feels like to be the younger sibling, hahaha

 Every year, the husband comes up with the Christmas menu that's so well executed. Check out the dishes below.

 The delicious salad that I can eat 2x a week

 Salmon Pasta in Cream Sauce

 Steak that's done just right on a hot plate

 Baked crayfish with cheese

Seafood in a Bag!

 This dish deserves another close up photo!

 This man basically puts me to shame when it comes to cooking for any of our guests that we have hosted in our home. I would have been so stressed about cooking that much amount food for a crowd, but he does it without a sweat.

 Coen: "Can we open the presents already?"

 Me: "We will open the presents after you two smile for my camera!"

 Big thank you to our loved ones for the generous gifts for the kiddos!

 Helping daddy make desserts!

 I finished every drop of this affogato, and almost wanted to lick the bowl.

 Every year, we take this family photo during Christmas, and my heart feels 100x so thankful for my in-laws. I would not be able to do what I do now without their tremendous love and support for us. So much love for them!

Godparents - One of the nicest people in our lives, thank you Daniel & Sihui!

Our amazing helper who has been an incredible help to us and whom I will be sooo devastated next month when she leaves us.

The best gift my parents gave me - my one and only sister.

 My favorite and my best every year, every day.

And, saving the best for last. 10 years ago on Christmas day, this man asked if I would like to be his girlfriend with a car boot of balloons and light sticks, and its been 10 years of living in a dream since. Thank you for keeping my heart for a decade, and many more years ahead!

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