Sunday, November 19, 2017

To the Ocean - Royal Caribbean Cruise (Mariner of the Seas)

13 Oct-16 Oct 2017

Wished I could say that I have been sailing for the past one month hence the lack of updates! But sadly not the case! I have been away for awhile from blogging and all things social media intentionally the past 1 month so as to disconnect myself mainly from being too much on my phone. Did a lot of reflection, and found myself having a lot of time on my hand to do things like reading, and more reading. It seemed like I have caught the reading bug from this break and am currently on my 4th book in this 1.5 months! Any good novels to recommend?

I'm gonna skip blogging about the details of what we did on the cruise, because the number of photos above should have already painted a story on how we spent our time on board. It was a nice vacation, where we have no agenda for 4 days, and living each day doing things like walking around the cruise 100x, thinking of when to eat our next meal when we just finished one 30 mins ago, and of course the best part - spending tonnes of time with the family with no connection to our phones. It was perfectly boring, in a really good way. Not forgetting to mention, the beautiful sunrise and sunsets everyday, and the breathtaking view of the ocean with no ends that I can stare at for hours (well, if only the kids allow me to).

Currently, we are starting to get busy with the Christmas holiday; trying to get started on buying gifts, decorating our home and making plans for year end gatherings. As we start to soak in the festive mood, I'm already feeling extremely thankful for a great year so far, and am counting all the blessings. So, till the next time! And thanks for reading!

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