Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Family Photo Shoot with Natsuki Photography

If you have followed my Instagram last couple of weeks back, you will know that we recently won a giveaway at Angie's blog (Life's Tiny Miracles) that gave us an opportunity to have our family photos professionally taken by Natsuki Photography.

For the previous years, we have been having our family photo shoots/ maternity shoot with my sister as our photographer. Although she's not professional, but she's probably the only person in the world who would come all the way down to us willingly and patiently helping us with the shots that I have in mind. (View here and here for previous years photos). So, this year I have been really wanting to do one after Coen could walk as we have not done any proper shoot as a family of 4. But I was a little apprehensive at the same time because Zoe has been resisting to take any photographs, and most of the time her photos were all taken in secret or after extreme bribery. I wasn't really sure if a photo shoot was a good idea, but kept this desire in my heart hoping that we could do one before the year ends.

So, winning the giveaway has been really special for me. It felt like God answered the desire of my heart and whats more was that on the day of the photo shoot, the weather was so lovely - no direct sun hitting on us and there was even an occasional breeze! Even the husband was commenting that he did not sweat at all for this outdoor shoot! It was the best weather we could pray for! Check out the beautiful photos below!

Nat and Francis were so good with kids that my worries of both kids not cooperating disappeared almost immediately when we met them! For Coen, he has always been very afraid of strangers; if you have met him, you will know what I mean. I was half expecting him to wail uncontrollably at the sight of them, but to my surprise he was perfectly okay throughout! Both Nat and Francis were not overly enthusiastic or overly friendly to engage the kids, but instead they were very calm, easy, patient, and gave the kids plenty of space to be warmed up to. This in my opinion works best for my kids and I was extremely relieved that in that 1 hour I didn't have to deal with a single tantrum or crying episode!

Heart melts at Coen's little smile!

For Zoe, she enjoyed the photo shoot so much that the following day, she asked if we were going to meet "mama's friends to take photos" again! Coming from Zoe who shuns away from a camera, this was a huge surprise for me!

This reminds me so much of our pre wedding shoot, but ten times better with the kids watching :)

Thank you Angie, Nat & Francis! These photos are extremely precious! I can't wait to print them out for ourselves and the grandparents! For more info on them - you can check them out at their website here, Instagram handle here or Facebook page here!


  1. These shots are really nice and great for a family album .we always have a photographer for every occasion as we all love pictures . and are ready to add more in the collection I guess these are fantastic T\T

  2. They really captured the warmth and love in these family photos. So many happy smiles and everyone looks great.