Wednesday, September 27, 2017


Turning a year older this year felt a little different from the last. Just a couple of days leading up to 29th, I reflected a little, trying to think about what does it mean to be celebrating yet another year. I think this is a sign of aging, to go into some deep reflection about life just before a birthday. And, after thinking about it for a while, I couldn't think of anything significant to reflect or ponder on about turning another year older. To be honest, I thought I was already turning 30 last year!

But 2 nights before my birthday, I caught a movie which I have been wanting to watch for a long time. I finished the show at 3am and I couldn't sleep afterwards. There was such a deep conviction within me about specific areas in my life which only God knew how I struggled with from time to time. The show spoke of something so personal to me that it was hard not to see what God was trying to show or speak to me about.

So that night, I went to bed fully understood why I had another year to live in my 20s. It's not a specific goal or anything to achieve in the next 1 year, but more of coming to understand that He has so much more in store for me and He's not done with me yet. I am excited to see what's next, a little nervous because I am not good with changes, but at peace to know that whatever it is, I am in His good hands. :)

That's for turning 29! Thanks for all the birthday wishes, extremely loved this year surrounded by the love of people who took time to celebrate for me, and who's been there to encourage me when I don't see the good in myself. Thanks for picking me up, and loving me inside out.

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  1. hey, happy belated birthday to you. i know how it feel when you are near your but believe me you still look like someone who is in her 20s. well your birthday pictures are nice. love to your kids. have fun.