Friday, August 25, 2017

Our Bangkok Adventure (With 2 Kids) - Day 3 at Asiatique

Last post for our Bangkok Holiday! Continuing from my previous post where we spent the first half of the day at Chinatown! Below I share about how we spent our last night at Bangkok and why I recommend making a trip to Asiatique at least once!

After the kids were up from their nap, we were off to Asiatique! A few of our friends had recommended us to this place, and after being in Bangkok for quite a couple of times, this was also our first time there! Glad we made the trip there although it was a little far from where we stayed. The vibes of the entire place was a very relaxing sort where there was very little crowd and also comfortable to walk around with in the breezy night.

Look who were so so so excited to see these? They were so cheap! A pack of 6 boxes for 100 Baht?

Dinner was at this beautiful place by the river called Bann Khanita which is a stunning white colonial house that comes with wooden flooring, chandeliers and classy porcelain tableware settings on the tables.

One of the dishes we ordered was this mixed platter that comes with spring rolls, fishcakes, shrimp cakes and chicken wrapped with Pandan leaves. It looked ordinary, but I was surprised that everything tasted better than I had expected. We also ordered Phat Thai, Tom Yum Soup, Chicken fried rice (for Zoe)!. Everything was served hot, ingredients were fresh, and wished we had more people with us so that we could order more variety!

Overall, food here was good and though it was slightly pricey comparing to other Thai restaurants, the quality of the food and the ambience was worth it. It was a satisfying last dinner in Bangkok for us! One thing to note was that the baby chair they have does not come with a table and safety buckle, as it acts more like a high chair for toddlers who could sit still. Hence I had a bit of a problem with Coen, as I had to constantly make sure that he does not fall off the high chair and had to push him in very closely to the dining table.

After dinner, we took a walk around and there was a carousel that's buzzing with so much excitement that Zoe wanted to ride it! I was a little apprehensive because I remembered she didn't like it 2 years back when we were at it in Hong Kong Disneyland. I wasn't too sure if things had change, but thinking back that she did manage to ride a few at Legoland happily, maybe she really might enjoy the carousel now that she is older!

Looking at the photos above, you can say that she did enjoy the ride! Initially we thought the ticket was a little expensive given that we were in Bangkok and everything was supposedly to be "cheap cheap cheap". But, we later found out that what paid for was not only for 1x, but that we could ride this 3 times and probably even more!

Sorry Coen, we will bring you on it the next round! 

The Ferris Wheel takes about 40-45 mins to go one full round, and it was a little late by the time we had dinner and went 3 rounds of the carousel, so we decided to give this a miss. We ended the night by sitting on the kerb eating ice-cream, with a full view of the Ferris Wheel in front of us. There was a slight breeze while we people watch, and this was probably much memorable than being on the Ferris Wheel I guess!

"Ice-cream for you?"

It was a fun night for all of us, and definitely different from hanging out in the malls or eating by the roadside. I'm so glad we ended our trip this way! :)

Our last morning - Savoring the last of Bangkok before we make our way to the airport for our flight home.

Love the natural light that's streaming into the airport!

Common tip to prevent ear block for babies and toddlers while on flight is to let them suck on something during take off and landing. As I am no longer breastfeeding, the easier option of latching is no longer available for us. Our hand carry always comprises of hot water, milk bottle etc. Husband will start preparing the milk once we are on the runway, and we hand Coen/ Zoe the milk just when the airplane is speeding up.

One kid down for nap!

Another one up and awake for the entire flight!

That's it for our Bangkok adventure with 2 kids! Till date, Zoe still ask me every other day "Mama, can we go Bangkok tomorrow?" The weather may be really hot for her, so much so that she even asked me to go into a random bank at Chinatown for its air conditioning! But this trip has been really fun mainly because Coen was with us this time and she had a companion to play with. I remembered our Hong Kong Disneyland last year wasn't even that fun for her because she was so bored jumping alone, running alone, and playing alone and was even home sick! As much as we can be their playmate, the bond Zoe and Coen shared is so special that neither my husband and I can replace. So thankful that we brought both with us this time, and to have spend quality time together on this trip. Although tiring for sure, but worth every bit of it. 

Thanks for reading and following along on our holiday posts! Hope you have enjoyed reading!


  1. Hi, may i ask what water you buy from bkk to boil water for your kiddo when they need feeding?

    1. Hi Joyce, I bought bottled mineral water from supermarkets to boil :)