Monday, August 14, 2017

Our Bangkok Adventure (With 2 Kids) - Day 3 at Chinatown

Day 3 of our Bangkok Adventure! It's our last full day at Bangkok, and we were full steam ahead! Hence, I am breaking this into 2 parts as we managed to cover 2 main places in a day and it will be too many photos for 1 blog post! If you missed the previous entries, you can click here, here and here!

One of my concerns of this trip was if Coen was able to sleep through in an unfamiliar place. I was prepared to be waking up in the night and feeling like a zombie in the morning. But, thankfully, he had no issues sleeping in the playpen that the hotel provide, all the way till the next morning! TYJ!

As we couldn't make it to Chinatown on Day 1, we decided to  head over in the morning! Our initial plan was to go to On Lok Yun that we previously went on our 2014 trip, but our Uber driver decided that he wanted to drop us a distant away, so we had no choice but to alight and find another place to go to. I was a little bumped because there was no way we could walk such a long distance with two kids in tow, but well, this was just one of the parts and parcel of traveling with kids - things don't always go as plan!

When we arrived at Chinatown, I was hit with a serious dose of nostalgia when I saw Zoe walking around on the streets. It brought back memories of when my parents and grandparents would frequently bring my siblings and I to Thailand when we were all still kids. I even remembered seeing a photograph of myself in my parents' house where I posed at a back lane in Thailand at around Zoe's age! Got to go dig this photo up for some comparison!

Our backup plan was to go to a wanton noodles stall that he said was pretty famous, but we couldn't find it. After walking around, he suggested that we eat at this back alley that sold noodles. Honestly, I thought he was joking because its.. at a back alley?! And we were with kids?!

Look at that whole basin of fried bean curd skin with meat fillings welcoming us!

Coen was taking his nap when we were here the whole time, so that made it easier because we only needed to attend to 1 toddler who could sit on the stool by herself eating her noodles. Phew!

We ordered 1 with soup and 1 that was dry, they were pretty decent! Not like super fantastic but it tasted better than what I had expected, and the service was quite good too!

Well, we did survive lunch here!

After lunch, we crossed over to find one of the food delicacy Chinatown was famous for - bird's nest! When I was younger, every time when we were at Bangkok, we would be trying birds' nest at Chinatown, and it definitely brought back fond memories having this that day.

We passed by this durian cart twice, and Zoe had been bugging us to buy it for her. She may be 3 years old, but she loves her durian! Just look at the photos below!

She basically just parked herself by the walkway and devoured the durian. Husband said the durian wasn't even nice, but she ate the entire seed!

Wished we had more time to explore Chinatown, but till the next time!

Next stop of the day was a trip to Platinum Mall! It wasn't really part of the plan to do any shopping for myself on this trip but since we had some time, why not! But, I felt really stressful with 3 people waiting for me to shop, so I sent the husband and Zoe to Macdonalds to chill while I baby wear Coen to do a quick 45 mins of "grab and pay"!

As mentioned in my previous post that we did not want to overtire ourselves during this holiday by packing our day with places to visit. If we were going out the whole day, we would keep the night free by returning early like Day 2. But as Day 3 was our last night out, and we wanted to experience the night life of Bangkok, hence we brought the kids back to the hotel after Platinum Mall so that they could take their afternoon nap properly. The husband also took this time to head out for a Thai Massage while I stayed to babysit the kids during their nap. (I am not a fan of massages!). According to him, it was a super shiok massage and glad we were able to squeeze it in for him on this trip!

Hope you guys had a restful weekend, last BKK post will be up by this week!

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