Monday, August 7, 2017

Baby / Toddler Friendly Recipe - Oatmeal Cereal

A few months back, I shared here about how I started Coen on his solids and the different purees that I prepare for him when he was 6 months old. After eating fruits and veggies purees for about 2 months, he has since progressed to eating porridge, noodles and most recently joining us for rice and dishes! It's been exciting watching him explore the different kind of flavors and texture of food!

Besides purees, we also started Coen with cereal at the beginning. Finding the right cereal was a problem, because when Zoe was at this stage, she was taking Eu Yan Sang's brown rice cereal that we personally preferred. The ingredients to making it are very minimal, easily interpreted on the label, and most importantly has no sucrose (aka sugar) added into it. Sadly, it has stopped production for quite a while and I was back to square one of finding something suitable for Coen.

After doing some reading about the different types of cereals (rice cereal vs oatmeal cereal), I soon realized the healthier benefits that oats provide compared to rice cereal, and since then Coen has been on it and till date still loving it! Although it is recommended to start with rice cereal, as it is likely to cause any allergy reaction, but if your baby is able to take oats, I do recommend switching as it is more nutrition dense and less likely to cause constipation!

We hardly buy any pre-packed food off the shelves food for him or for ourselves, as we prefer to make them fresh as it gives us the assurance of knowing what goes into our food. Hence, everyday, we make his oatmeal cereal, and it's so simple that we even could do the same when we travel overseas just by using a food warmer!

Ingredients - (adjust according to how much your baby can eat)
2 Tablespoons of organic baby oats
(For a start at 6 months, blend oats into powder form for easier consumption)

1 Teaspoon of ground flax seed
1/2 a Banana,
1/2 an Avocado,
2 Scoops of milk powder (or breast milk)

Add the baby oats, milk powder and water into the pot. Cook over small fire and stir constantly. Adjust the water according to the consistency you desire. It should be done in about 2 minutes!

For both Zoe and Coen, after taking breastmilk,  they have been on Friso for their source of milk intake. We like how Friso has high standards for its production of milk by paying attention and having control over the entire production chain. For example, it only uses purebred cows, and uses a single process technology that ensure that the milk is not overheated during the process to preserve the proteins and other natural nutrients found in the milk.

Mashed the avocado and banana. I usually cut the banana into small pieces as he enjoys chewing them with the cereal. You can also explore different berries to mix and match the oatmeal day to day so as to give it a different texture and flavor!

Add the fruits, sprinkle the ground flax seed, stir and enjoy!

I have always been adding grounded flax seed into my own oats smoothie and am excited to introduce it to Coen as it has wonderful benefits such as omega 3 oil and fiber! Plus, it also helps baby relieve constipation! On when and how much flaxseed to introduce to your baby, you can read more here.

Hope this helps any of you mummies out there! Will share again on some of the recipes that I have been trying for the kids! If you have a great recipe for toddlers, please drop me a comment, will love to explore them!

Disclaimer: We are sponsored by Friso for the purpose of this blog post. However, prior to the sponsorship, both the kids have already been taking Friso. All opinions are 100% mine including the oatmeal recipe!


  1. Hi Jayme, may I know what brand of organic baby oats you use? Thanks!

  2. Hi Jayme,
    Can u share what do u bring/pack for Coen's meal when you travel please?
    Like you mentioned, the above recipes is easy to prepare even when travelling, but I cannot imagine the amount of stuffs to bring! Can you advise? Thanks!

    1. Hello! I will pack the oats in a small container, bring a food warmer to use it to cook with his milk powder! You can refer to my this entry - where I showed a picture of how I cooked the oats with the food warmer! :)

      You can also pack food jars, food pouches on your travel! They are convenient to heat up and feed! Alternatively, you can find fresh fruits from the travel destination's supermarket and it also can be a meal for your baby!

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