Friday, July 14, 2017

Our First Family Holiday (Part II) - Legoland Malaysia Water Park

Continuing from my previous post on our Legoland adventure, here's part 2 where we were at Legoland Water Park! I have always heard so much about Legoland Theme Park but have never knew that they have a Water Park as well! I guess many people go on a day trip just to the theme park and skip the Water Park due to insufficient time and also the inconveniences of being wet and showering and changing the kids in and out of their swimsuit. Here's what we experience, and a peek of what the Water Park has in store for kids and adults!

After Zoe woke up from her nap, we headed off immediately as time was running out! The Water Park closes at 6pm and it was already 4pm! Thankfully, the Water Park is located next to the Legoland hotel, less than 5 mins walk! This also meant that after we were done, we could head back to our hotel room to get a hot and comfortable shower instead of showering the kids in the changing rooms there. Best!

Just a note on buying the entrance tickets. Kids under 3 does not need a ticket, but when the counter staff saw that we had a baby, we were told that we needed to buy a swim diaper for him, although Coen was already wearing one right there. We had no choice but to buy it, and there isn't any sizes to choose from as it is what it is. We thought perhaps they could be more flexible in this area to do away with the purchase if the baby is already wearing one.

Puffing this boy up with a life jacket

First up, we were down at the lazy river that had cute Styrofoam Lego bricks floating around. From the photos, you probably think that it looks relaxing to be floating along, but I was actually carrying Coen in a half squat position all the way (10-15 mins!) so that the boy gets to splash around and be in the water! Great workout for the glutes and butt!

They also have these cute stations in the Water Park where you see kids standing there playing it! Lego and Water? Great combi! You can be out of the water but still playing at these interactive stations. Coen stood there for a really long time being absorbed by it!

After the lazy pool, we went up higher to check out what else are there at the Water Park. To our surprise, there were slides for adults/ much much older kids! I was trying to figure out the different color of the tube slides and how the "route" would be like, but find myself lost as some were even merging!

I think the last time I went on a water slide was a decade ago, so when the husband suggested to go up for it, I was all excited! This orange one made me laugh so hard that I nearly teared while sliding down! It wasn't your typical go around kind of slide, but at midpoint it ended up at a huge area where we were just going round and round till we drop to the next connecting slide! I wasn't expecting that at all,  and for a moment I felt like I was in a toilet bowl waiting to be flushed down! It was definitely memorable!

Since it was such a good time for both the husband and I, he actually suggested we go for a trip to the Sentosa Adventure Cove on our own without kids to relive these fun moments. hahaha.

This is where the babies and toddlers are at - DUPLO inspired water playground! 

Coen refused to get out of the water and off the crocodile as well, all because it comes with a steering wheel and he thought he was driving..... haha!

Even the polar bear has a steering wheel!

As mentioned in my previous post that Legoland Theme Park had similar rides catered to different age group, well, you can find the same thought put into the Water Park as well! These are the shorter and safer slides at the same DUPLO water playground.

I managed to attempt the slide with Coen as well, and check out his happy face!

Besides adult and baby slides, this is where you can find the in between ages kids at! We wanted to let Zoe had a go at it, but she very much preferred the baby pool and did not even want to enter this area! The minimum height to play on the tube slides is 102cm. I can't wait for her to try them out the next time!

My favorite family photo of the trip!

In case you are wondering how long we stayed at Legoland Hotel, we were there for 3D2N. All thanks to Uber, getting around was also easy for us, hence we managed to travel out of Legoland quite a bit for meals and did some shopping too. Below is a short summary of how we plan our time there.

Day 1 - Arrived at Johor for lunch at a mall. Hotel check-in is pretty late, and we got our rooms at about almost 3pm. Kids took their naps before we head out of the hotel for dinner.
Day 2 - Full day at Legoland Theme Park and Water Park
Day 3 - Checked out of the hotel at about 10+, deposited our luggage and went to visit Thomas the Train and Hello Kitty land. Traveling time is about 15-20mins by car, and we spent about a total of 2 hours including having our lunch at the mall. Returned to hotel to collect our luggage and have our driver pick us up to head back home to Singapore.

It was definitely fruitful for us to be able to cover so much in a single trip, although we found that Thomas the Train and Hello Kitty wasn't exactly very fun, but glad we made it there at least once. All in all, the kids had a ball of time, and we too enjoyed the break and spending time with them! For more details on hotel rates, ticket prices and other info, you can check out Legoland website! And if I am not wrong, there is a discount for Maybank card holders too! So, till the next time!

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