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Our First Family Holiday (Part I) - Legoland Malaysia Hotel + Legoland Theme Park

We have been looking forward to this trip for quite some time as our last getaway was September to Hong Kong with Zoe! (Speaking of which, I have not even finished blogging about it!!) This time round we were headed off to Legoland Malaysia, and though it wasn't anywhere far, we were all so excited as it was our first holiday as a family of 4! 

We experienced pretty smooth traffic both ways, and thankfully the kids were well-behaved during the 1-1.5 hour journey there! We had booked a private 7 seater car that picked us up from our place into Legoland and same for returning trip too. I would love to share the contact of the driver, but sadly we had up to 2 hours delay on the day of our departure, and was almost left stranded at home, so I will not recommend him or this group of drivers to any of our friends. But if you have good private drivers who provide such service, do share with me! We are looking to return to Legoland sometime next year, and will need a good contact!

Upon arriving at Legoland hotel, we were greeted with huge play area filled with lego bricks for the kids to play with while the husband was checking in at the reception. I was so thrilled and so were the kids! This is 24/7 available which means you can find kids here in PJs playing day or night! What a dream come true for kids!

As you can see, it's quite impossible for kids to be bored in this hotel!

Everything in this hotel is "lego-fied" and extremely cute! I find myself stopping every few steps to admire the little details and the thought behind all the figurines in the hotel! It was incredibly fun!

When my husband first showed me the room he was booking online, I was honestly impressed but a little skeptical that it looked that good in real life. However when I entered into the room, I was blown away together with the kids! It looked just like what I have read! There are different themes in every hotel room, and we were staying in the Kingdom Premium Room which comes with a a huge king size bed and a kids sleeping area separated by a sliding door! The room is so huge that it can sleep up to 5 people!

This is the kids sleeping area which has a double decker bed and even a pull out bed at the bottom! Plenty of space! We requested for a baby cot as well which is not photographed here. It's more like a play pen than a cot, but works for us!

This room basically kept the kids really entertained. There is even a rotating puzzle seen above, a box of lego bricks, and a simple treasure hunt in the room to play! I wished I had taken a photo of the amenities that were really helpful for parents like us traveling with a baby - they have a sterilizer and a bathtub! These two were my top concern when I travel with Coen, and I was relieved that the hotel knew and provided us with!

Checking out the maps, ready for our adventure!

First ride of the day! Initially Zoe hesitated and backed out when she realized that we couldn't be in the tracks. But, after seeing other kids having a go at it, she was so excited and just look at her face, so much fun written on it!

Since Coen is too young for that, here's him in one of those model cars!

Look at him, totally into the whole driving! He turns the steering wheel and makes those "woo woo" sound! I have no idea where he picked this up from!

Second ride of the day for Zoe was a boat ride that daddy could accompanied her in! It started drizzling as they both got on the boat, but thankfully the weather cleared up 5 mins after and we were blessed with extremely cooling weather throughout our time there!

And the next was the old school aeroplane ride! If you remembered my Disneyland post last year, I mentioned that Zoe had quite bad motion sickness all along then, and she didn't even want to try the carousel. So, I wasn't too sure if Zoe would like this since this goes up and down and around a couple of times.... But she loves it! And to update, she has since got so much better at car rides and have not puked in any for at least 9-10 months! I think the motion sickness is gone completely, thank God!

And this is what I get when I asked Zoe to look at the camera.... she pretends to fall asleep. This girl.

And here's one that's caught without her knowing :)

A view of our hotel decked out in pretty colors!

And among all the lego installments, somehow this was my absolute favorite. There's just something about this that captivated me, and it makes me want to travel to see the real thing!

So, I never expected the husband and I would be able to go on any rides since our past 2 Disneyland trips were all just a walk in the park literally. But this time round my helper came along with us and she was able to attend to them while they watch us go on a couple of rides. They were within visibility, and there weren't any queues so it made it really quick for us! It was not planned to go on any rides together, hence it was so much fun for us and to me one of the best part of the trip :)

Another ride for Zoe at the Pyramid, which you can tell from her face that she did not really enjoy it that much. The ride goes into a dark passage with several Egyptian characters which you are supposed to shoot with the guns. A little too scary for her I think.

Initially I thought perhaps this kiddy train was safe enough for Coen to be on, but a pity they were really strict and he could not go on this. It would have been so much fun for him!

Another ride we took together was this thing that we had to pull ourselves up to the top as many times as possible. It was exhausting!

One thing I really like about Legoland was that they had rides catered for different age groups. My first thought of Legoland was that it was a theme park solely for kids, but take for example just a roller coaster itself there are two different kinds - 1 for the young kids and another for the older kids aged 10 above or adults like us.

No ice-cream for this boy, but still happy!

Did I mention that we love our Babyzen Yoyo+ stroller? Its going everywhere with us and I can't wait to share about the extended board we just received that could be attached to the stroller for Zoe to sit or stand on. It's so dope and so perfect for us with 2 kids.

All in all, we spent a total of about 3 hours at the park, although it could have been longer if we have stopped and taken more photographs or really went to take a look at how older kids played the other rides. But we did not want to stay past too long either as it was already lunch time by then and we definitely had enough fun the whole morning. Lunch was at the nearby "Absolute Thai" that was just a 5 min walk away from the entrance of Legoland. Food was okay, but plenty of houseflies even when we were already seated indoors.

If you follow my Instagram, you probably have seen this cactus outfit 100 over times. This has become like our family's uniform because Zoe loves it so much and there are days she only wants to wear this and nothing else!

Right after lunch, we got the kids back to the room to nap before proceeding to the Water Park in the late afternoon. This was also the main reason why we wanted to stay at Legoland Hotel itself, as we could go back to the room to rest and then back into the park after. Coen had already got a power nap just when we were walking to the lunch venue, and could not be put down again! We then brought him out into the park again with us to shop for gifts which was so much fun too seeing all the Lego merchandises!

Hahahahhaa I am sorry Coen, mama just had to put this up!

So that's our experience at Legoland! I think what made this trip really enjoyable was also that we went during very off peak period where the older kids in Singapore were all taking their mid-year examinations. Hence, every ride we went for had no queues and the theme park had no crowd at all! Of course the beautiful weather we were blessed with played a huge part too! I will be back to share with on the Legoland Water Park which we also had a blast at - hopefully not in another 2 months' time!

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