Thursday, July 20, 2017

Our Bangkok Adventure (with 2 Kids) - Summary Video

We are back! From a short trip to Bangkok with the kids alone! I know it sounds a little crazy, because Bangkok isn't exactly a place most people would think of bringing 2 young toddlers to! A week leading up to the trip, we were nervous as well and wondered if we were even going to get to eat any Thai food or go for any massage! hahaha.

Before I get down to blogging a little more in detail, here's a short summary video of what happened! I decided to make effort to film down some highlights of the trip in proper video footages, as our previous trip to Legoland was all documented in Insta Stories which were then saved as a full clip at the end of the day to keep as a summary video to share within family members and for keepsake. Although extremely convenient to use the phone to just record and post, the quality of the video was obviously compromised and embarrassing to upload to my blog. It's been about 7 years since I did video editing, so please excuse my very amateur skills and shaky footages that I tried to film while carrying a 10kg toddler! I will be back soon to share about our experiences!

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  1. And even with the children, you had a good rest, a nice video. I and my wife are quite categorical in this matter, our son is 7 and we decided to leave him with my parents. The fact is that he is very capricious on the road, and with his grandmom, was more comfortable than with us. So we chose the location it was Chiang Mai. After one day of traveling by bus, we realized that it is enough and it is better to rent a motorbike We were able to visit all the surroundings in 5 days, I think now when we all saw, it would be possible to relax and with the child. Because now I can afford not to hurry and conform to the rhythm of our son.