Sunday, July 30, 2017

Our Bangkok Adventure (With 2 Kids) - Day 2 at Chatuchak Market

Continuing on from our previous post! (Read here if you missed it). Day 2 was the first full day we had at Bangkok, and we were all excited to start our holiday proper! Thankfully, the kids slept pretty well the night before, and we managed to get a restful night!

We had planned this trip in a way that we would be spending the weekend at Bangkok so as to go to the Weekend Market or also known as the Chatuchak Market! I wasn't too sure if we would enjoy it with the kids, as it was definitely not the typical kids-friendly place! The kids will not be running loose for sure, and not forgetting the heat! We managed to get there by Grab at 10-ish after our hotel breakfast, and stayed for about close to 2 hours before the sun got really crazy hot at noon. It was painful to be standing under the sun for too long, and we tried our best to be under the shade as much as possible!

Our first stop was this roast meat shop that we walked past, and look at that! It was too tempting to be missed! But, instead of trying the roast meat, the husband actually bought a bag of chicken wings that were oh so delicious too!

I think Zoe ate like half a bag of it! And of course the trio had to decked out in their signature cactus shirts again!

What's a trip to the Weekend Market without trying the famous coconut ice-cream? The famous stall is called "Coco J" which they have several stalls spread across the market I believe. We tried the one near the gate 1, if you are coming from Kamphaeng Phet Station!

Zoe was surprisingly well-behaved the whole time there, as I was expecting her wanting to be carried only and being all grumpy because of the almost unbearable heat. She was on the stroller, not really complaining much with just the occasional "I am so hot mama", and only came down to browse when we saw interesting shops that would be fun for her. (My eyes were of course on her, making sure I do not lose sight of her!).  As a reward for her good behavior, she got to eat almost the entire scoop of ice-cream all by herself, leaving us with just the toppings! We had to top up an additional scoop and quickly finish it before she leave us with none again!

These pork chops were so good as well! I wished we had bought one each instead of sharing it!

The prawns were the biggest disappointment. We intentionally went back for it, and though they looked really huge, they weren't fresh and it was really pricey for a street food.

Just look at that sweaty hair! I picked out this bag with the initial "J", but my little boss insisted I got the "X" instead. Well.. good choice babe, "X" for all of us! A little note on shopping at Chatuchak - not everything is cheap cheap cheap! The day before, my husband bought a packet of Thai Milk Tea from the premium supermarket, and saw that the vendors here were selling them for 2x and even 3x the price of it!

Coen... all defeated from the heat. Both the kids drenched in sweat and had rosy pink cheeks during our time there. After venturing the outer areas of the market, we decided to go deeper into the market to take cover from the sun. It was so much cooler and there was plenty to see too! One regret from this trip was that we couldn't find the "pets section", as we knew the kids would have enjoyed it so much!

Thank you stranger, for the decent photo of us! All of us were looking at the camera - Zoe included + with a smile! 

Our initial plan was to cab out, but decided to take the train instead of waiting indefinitely in the open air. As we walked down from Gate 2 the past 2 hours, we ended at the other entrance near Kamphaeng Phet Station.  Our plan was to take the BTS, but since we were at the MRT station already, we took one stop and alighted at Chatuchak Park MRT Station, exited and walked a short distance to Mochit BTS.

Hurray to shopping mall with air conditioning!

Husband was on a mission to find good Thai milk tea that he could bring back home. And this was the one I mentioned earlier that we saw that was selling at Chatuchak for x3 of the prices of those sold at the supermarket. The brand is "NESTEA", which we had bought, tried it on the first day, and came back for more as it felt authentic enough!

Come to mama!

The kids kind of skipped lunch as they were all knocked out from the exhausting morning. Coen had a bottle of milk before he dozed off and we weren't exactly hungry either as we had been snacking our way through the market. Taking a break with the famous Shibuya Toast from After You! If you are planning to head down, please get the queue number first before walking around the mall, as it took us 1 full hour of waiting!

By the time the kids were up, it was about almost 3pm. We brought them to Fuji Restaurant for some simple soba, did some shopping and decided to head back to the hotel to rest for the day.

We got back to the hotel around 6pm, and ran the water for the kids to play in the bathtub. All of us desperately need to take a bath from all the sweating in the morning!

Honestly, though I was really tired from a full day out, I did feel a tinge of disappointment when we weren't be going out to explore the night life of Bangkok. But at that very next second I expressed my disappointment to the husband, I looked out of the window and saw that it had started raining and immediately felt thankful that we had decided to stay in for the night with room service. Our first Thai meal.... but ain't complaining since it was at the comfort of our suite, all showered, dressed in PJs, having a cozy warm meal and thanking God we were not caught in the traffic from the rain! What more can I ask for!

By 1030pm, all of us were knocked out! It's rare to be sleeping so early for a holiday at Bangkok, but knowing when to stop and rest, and not packed it with activities and tire everyone out also is part of a good holiday. Besides, who doesn't mind sleeping early after a long sweaty day! :)

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