Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Our Bangkok Adventure (With 2 Kids) - Day 1

Following up from the Summary Video of "Our Bangkok Adventure (With 2 Kids), here's Day 1 of the blog posts with photos and some details of the places we have been on our 4D3N holiday!

A lot of people were surprised when we told them that we were going to Bangkok with our kids, and I don't blame them, because honestly I too am surprised by the decision we made to bring our 2 young toddlers to a not so kids-friendly place! Like what went through our mind?! Couldn't we have chosen a friendlier place like maybe Australia? or even Hong Kong (again!). Furthermore, this was our 1st trip without any help, solely just the 4 of us! And just two weeks before our trip, my in-laws even wanted to tag along because they were worried we might lose their grand kids! hahaha.

A family photo before we jet off!

Check out how compact our Babyzen Yoyo+ Stroller is! We got it all folded and stored into the aircraft overhead compartment. It was with us all the way!

My favorite photo of the kids on this trip :)

The reason why we chose Bangkok? Well, it's mainly because of this little boy here! It was his first flight and we weren't sure if he could take any flight longer than this. 2 hours seemed like the best way to try him out and I must say that he did pretty well! Our flight was just slightly after lunchtime, which was both our kids' naptime. Coen passed out shortly after we took off and woke up just 15 minutes before we landed.

And this girl here? She was supposed to nap as well, but stayed up all the way throughout the flight! Kept us all busy, with her request to do this and that, this and that, this and that.

What would we do without our amazing daddy who makes sure we are all set for this trip. *heart shape x 10*

Thankful to have caught this breathtaking view just before we descended

Hello Bangkok!

We booked a few months back and got a pretty decent deal for Thai Airways; with the check in baggage, it was even cheaper than budget airlines. The legroom was definitely much appreciated given the many items we have for the kids on board!

Guess who knocked out 5 minutes after she disembark? Another reason why we love our stroller is that we could use it right after we were off the aircraft, and our walk to the immigration was a 10 min walk! (not even exaggerating!)

We prearranged hotel transfer to pick us up at the airport. It was definitely pricey compared to getting on a taxi, or taking a train... but since we were going to be alone with kids and not forgetting our luggages, we just wanted to make sure we have proper transport taking us to the hotel.

Our home for the next 3 nights was The AETAS Bangkok! If you asked why did we stay there, well that's because my mum had won a lucky draw previously and had 2 nights of free accommodation which she kindly transferred it to us. I have no complaints of the hotel, but the location is about 5 mins walk from Ploen Chit BTS (2 stops from Siam!), which we have tried walking out once and we never did it again! Carrying 2 kids and our bags under the hot sun going up and down the curb was quite painful, so I rather we try to wait for our Uber/ Grab and leave walking out as the last choice. If I am without kids, the walking would be acceptable, if not I think it's pretty tough!

You can see why we have no complaints of the hotel, because to our surprise, the hotel staff upgraded us to an executive suite! After traveling half a day, we were so happy to this piece of news! The husband actually wanted to just stay in the hotel all day and not head out! The extra living room space also meant the kids could run and play, and we also had an extra toilet that we could do our washing up of the kids' bottles and utensils etc. Basically everyone was just really glad about the upgrade!

Love that it comes with a bathtub!

The kids too were feeling really comfortable just staying in the room watching tv, chasing each other and making themselves at home.

For those who asked what did Coen eat on this trip, here is one of his meals that I packed! I brought our Pigeon bottle/ food warmer to cook his cereal! I packed the baby oats into different portions and mixed it with his milk powder to be cooked in the warmer! For the rest of his meals, he ate from the table which is basically rice, or noodles soup. If the soup is too "tasty", you can dilute it with hot water or wash off the noodles before serving it! We also gave Coen fruits, bread and always packed extra milk feed with us wherever we go.

Getting around Bangkok was quite a pain for us as the traffic was horrendous. Our Grab/Uber would showed that it would be arriving in 4 mins, but took 40 mins instead because it was stuck outside at a jam and couldn't turn into our hotel. Even from shopping malls, we ended up queuing for a taxi as it was so much faster than waiting for our ride that could eventually be cancelled after waiting for 30 mins! It pays to stay near the BTS, but in our case we couldn't choose, and though BTS was a good way to travel, do avoid the peak hour as they are really crowded too!

How did we plan the kids nap time on this trip? Well, for Coen he is still on 2 naps - one in the morning and another after lunch. He can sleep anywhere because he was in the carrier most of the time so that pretty much is settled! His bedtime back home is 9pm, but since Bangkok is an hour earlier, he slept pretty late and the latest was actually 11pm Bangkok time! We do plan our day wisely as well, taking into consideration of their naps. For example either we return to the hotel for their afternoon nap or we get them to nap on the stroller/ carrier as we continue our activities outside.

Dinner that night was actually supposed to be with the husband's friends at Chinatown. But, our Uber did not turn up after 40 mins, and we ended up walking out to the BTS to find ourselves stuck in the peak hour. We managed to board the BTS but were all cramped up inside and the thought of needing to alight after a few stops to walk again to change to a connecting train and then getting a taxi to Chinatown was just too much for the dead beat parents who had spent half the day traveling. And the horror was actually to think of ways to return to the hotel after dinner! So we scraped the plan and alighted 1 stop later to Terminal 21 for dinner. The above scene rarely happens at the dinner table, but we were sooooo tired that the iPad was out to babysit the girl while we eat. Please don't judge us, we have our days too!

And yes, our first meal was actually Yoshinoya! Of course we wanted to eat some Thai Food, but that was the only restaurant without a queue that evening. We just wanted to get dinner out of the way and head back to rest!

Cold Stone to the rescue.... we all need a sugar fix that night!

And last snack of the night - Hokkaido Cheese Toast! Initially I wasn't expecting much, but the toast was hot and crispy, and the cheese was delicious! But though delicious, I do not think I would be able to finish 1 on my own as it was a little too cheesy and creamy for me. I would say worth a try, but share it!

So, that's pretty much what went down for Day 1. There were lots of behind the scenes that were not captured - like the husband and I lugging back a 5 litres mineral water to the hotel carrying kids, us slogging back at the hotel washing up the bottles, boiling water for the countless times preparing their water bottles, getting the kids to bed and other whatnot! Tiring for sure, but I went to bed that night looking at them sleeping soundly, feeling blessed to have them around with us on this trip :) Thanks for reading, Day 2 will be up soon!

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