Saturday, June 17, 2017

Happy Fathers’ Day “Dad Dad”!

It's Fathers’ Day this weekend, and together with Friso, I am taking time to honor the man in my children’s life! So often than not, there is so much emphasis on motherhood, and we often forget about that the role every father has in their child’s life is also equally important! Here’s sharing some of my favorite things that my husband does for the family that makes me feel extremely lucky to have married him.

Times has changed, it’s no longer only the woman’s job to take care of the kids but we are seeing more and more man stepping up to do so! Walk down the streets and you can easily find fathers baby wearing or changing their babies’ diapers in the changing room. My husband is no different, he has always proved himself to be extremely hands on from Day -250! Even before the kids came along, he has already stepped into the role as a father! He’s the one who had the nesting instincts for both kids, got all the stuff for them – diapers, milk bottles, baby cot, bathroom necessities, sterilizer, stroller, carrier etc. I don’t remember buying anything at all or doing any research, except maybe just some clothes!

Just before the babies arrive, the husband was also the one who sorted out all the kids’ pre loved clothing according to their sizes and keeps them away from time to time when they have outgrown them. With such great preparation, it gave me a peace of mind to be able to just focus on my pregnancy and breastfeed the baby after I delivered. Never have we once lack anything at all, and it’s all thanks to our super daddy who took care of every single household item – (detergent, toothpaste, toilet roll, tissue pack etc etc).

Besides dealing with the “logistics”, he’s extremely comfortable to bring the kids out on his own. I have lost count the number of times he brought Zoe out for a swim on his own or just on a father-daughter date where they spent time at an indoor playground or a day at the zoo. He’s always excited about these dates he have, and they always return so happy that I wished I had tagged along too!

And, almost of the evenings, I never had to be alone with the kids as he is always home right after work. You can find all of us in one of the kids’ bedroom having fun together. We will be singing, dancing, reading, playing with toys and there will always be so much laughter and joy for that short 2 hours! Nights where I have to work late, or just take a work call from home, I can count on him to do all the night routine of showering them, brushing their teeth and tucking them to bed.

Having kids also mean that I am constantly sleep deprived! We are blessed that Zoe slept through 12 hours every night from 7 months onwards, but for Coen it’s a different story! Although he has already kind of slept through, but it isn’t an everyday thing. So, most of the time I will be the one who goes into the his room if he is crying, and it can sometimes take up to 2 hours just to put him back to bed! (SOS!) But times when I am completely exhausted and “immobilized” on my bed, my husband would willingly take over while I snooze. Both of us are working, but I am glad I have him to share the night duty with!

And saving the best for the last! Out of all the stuff my husband does, this has got to be my favorite. I am never really a morning person but having kids changed me completely. But come weekends, it’s always natural to want to just sleep in slightly and my husband knowing how much I love to do that, will allow me to do that! Once the kids are awake, he is up fixing breakfast for Zoe and even tells the kids not to wake me up and get all of them out of my bedroom. I get an extra hour of sleep and when I wake up, I find the kids at the balcony playing bubbles or in the inflatable pool splashing around. I feel like I am in heaven!! And this is a win-win situation, because when the mother is happy, everyone is happy! Hahaha!

So, Happy Fathers Day “dad dad”, I can go on and on and on about the things you do for us everyday, but it’s never gonna end! I would not have been able to enjoy motherhood this much without your constant support and appreciation for the things I do. I know the kids are gonna turn out to be great because they have you as their role model who is always there for them! We love you so much, and can’t wait for more adventures with you!

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