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Coen's 1st Birthday Party!

Continuing from my previous post on Coen's 1st birthday! After we did the mini celebration at home, we fed the kids lunch and quickly tucked them in for their nap! We are pretty strict with naps as we had experiences of crazy meltdowns when the kids skipped it! Once the kids were down, both the husband and I went off to set up the place while my in-laws came over to babysit them! So THANKFUL for them!

Before I continue, this is also gonna be another heavy post, because besides just plastering all the photos taken that day, I am also going to share some of the tips and details of the dessert table that I did up for the party! I get a lot of emails and asks about previous party dessert tables that I did, so here's hoping these will be beneficial to those who are planning one!

After deciding on the date and the venue, the next thing about a birthday party is the invite. I personally prefer to send it out with the kids' faces on it to make it a little more personal, plus I get to keep these photos for memory sake! So, just 2 weeks before Coen's birthday, I took a couple of shots at home and they were so cute that I am probably gonna frame it up!

Next up, it was to decide on the theme of the party so that everything else can be done! I started brainstorming 2 months in advance so that I do not need to be stressed out by any shipping delay! I have always loved the ideas of plants and flowers, hence I decided to have a tropical themed party! If you are planning for a boy's party, there are so much more fun ideas besides the usual blue palette!

Moving on, I gathered inspirations and ideas on Pinterest where I chanced upon a really simple backdrop design which did not need too much time to prep. This was done using crepe paper, cutting them from both ends to be fringed-like, and then hanging it over a string! The cutting took a bit of time, and though overall it turned out pretty okay, I do wish I had more of the crepe paper to fill the backdrop and give it a much "fuller" look. In addition, I had also forgotten to pack my "Happy Birthday" banner that day, which would have helped tremendously!

And..... here's how it turned out to be! I am a huge fan of plants/ flowers, and since I can't fill up the table with vases of flowers for a boy's birthday party, my sister got some monstera leaves, birds of paradise and palm leaves that added such a beautiful touch and "life" to the whole table! 

I have also came to realized not to save on balloons for any birthday parties because it adds a really fun touch to the whole place! I had such a great experience getting my balloons from a recommended balloon supplier whom I was told that she has set up this balloon business for her mum's retirement! I thought it was such a sweet gesture! To share a bit of my experience with her, initially she did not have the shade of green balloon that I was looking for, but went the extra mile to source for it and got it stocked for me! We had a few bouquets of balloons to be placed around the function room, a huge gold foil "1", and she even threw in a free "watermelon" balloon for us You can check out her page here, I highly recommend her service!

Sharing some of the items on the dessert table! Thanks to the folks at Prima Deli, the dessert table had a really cool item! When I first saw this cake, I was extremely impressed and wowed by the innovation and creativity it! With every slice we cut, it has the "HAPPY B'DAY" wordings on it! It was one of the hot topics during the party on how did they actually bake it! This "Hidden Surprise Cake" by Prima Deli has got other designs, flavors, and messages that you can choose from for occasions like marriage proposals or gender reveal! For more details, click here!

For a visually appealing dessert table, cupcakes are almost a must! This time round, instead of my usual "Twelve Cupcakes" which I got for Zoe's 1st birthday party and Coen's baby shower, I decided to try something new. I was really late in sourcing for cupcakes but thankfully managed to get recommendation by a friend to P Plate who could take in my order. They couldn't do any customized fondant designs on it as it was too last minute, but I managed to get hold of some really cute tropical themed toppers and they turned out to be so beautiful! I have quite a number of these toppers left, if you are looking to buy some, please contact me via my email for more details!

After the birthday boy, the birthday cake has to be the next star of the party! The birthday cake was the top 3 things I was worried about for the party, but thankfully my nerves were totally unfounded when I opened up the cake box to this super beautiful messy chocolate cake from.... Emicakes! You read it right! Many of our friends were so surprised to know that Emicakes could produce such an amazing customized cake! They had exceeded all my expectations, as I was so worried the night before that I even got the husband to buy extra chocolates as "back up" to top it up in case it did not turn out to be what I had visualized! Furthermore, this was a non-fondant cake which turned out to be so beautiful for a two-tier cake! It was also really delicious with sponge cake layered between generous chocolate mousse and chocolate ganache! I had guests who even had second helpings! Mightily pleased, thank you Emicakes!

Getting the right plates and props also do make a huge difference! White table cloth works all the time, and don't worry if you don't have one because you can actually request from the buffet caterer for an extra piece with probably no charge or a very minimal fee. As I have the "hobby" of collecting plates/ bowls/cake stand/ cupcake stand, (they are extremely precious to me!), I did not have much of a problem with the plating. But it wasn't really enough and I got more pretty cupcake stand and cake trays from my friend who rents them out. If you are looking to rent, you can check out her page here!

Another tip for a dessert table - I usually pick out 2 pastries while making my selections for the buffet catering and have it placed at the dessert table. In this case the brownie cakes and cream puffs were from the buffet line. This way I save a bit on getting more pretty items to fill the table. In addition, I also bought some other candies like marshmallow or in my previous parties Oreos, or even popcorn! These are pretty low cost and add a good touch to it!

After sharing quite a bit on how I set up the dessert table, I need to say that it isn't that easy or convenient from the brainstorming to the logistics and setting up, especially if you are a parent! Besides having help from my in-laws to babysit the kids, we also had help from 2 of our good friends who came to help me climb up and down to hang the backdrop and my sister who took care of the floral arrangement. I wouldn't have been able to do it all by myself!

I could have pay and get a party vendor to do the entire thing to save the hassle, but my main concern was the cost, as I was not willing to spend a bomb for it. Plus, I honestly love the fun and satisfaction of creating something beautiful! If you want to give it a go to set up your own dessert table, I hope these tips that I shared had benefited your planning!

And for now, enjoy the rest of the photos taken at the party!

Goodie bag IC for the day. This babe was so excited helping her brother packed his birthday goodie bags, and on that day she was seen excitedly distributing out to every kid that stepped in!

We had no big entertainment for the kids like magician, face painting or a jumping inflatable playground, but we managed turn the small little space outside the function room into a place where the kids could play some bubbles!

The #1 most stressful thing for the party for me, was this moment where we started to sing the birthday song. If you read my previous post about Zoe's 3rd Birthday, you will know that birthdays and her are not exactly a good match especially when the attention is sort of on her. As for Coen, he is generally quite afraid of new environment and strangers, to which he was actually crying so badly when he first stepped into the function room. So... imagine my relief when the entire birthday song segment had zero meltdowns from BOTH kids! HALLELUJAH!

Probably the most meaningful moment of the entire party was when my pastor prayed a prayer of blessing over Coen. That prayer echos the exact same thoughts and words we would have prayed for our boy, and it brought us back to a place where we give thanks to God for making us parents to this precious boy. Thank you pastor Ed!

Big thank you to all our friends who came to join us in celebrating our family milestone! Feeling a sense of deep gratitude for this little family of ours, and to see our children growing up healthy, and happy. It hasn't been a all smooth sailing journey, especially more so the last one year while adjusting and transiting to be a mom of 1 to 2.  I was extremely stretched in every way but by learning to take one day at a time and leaning on God's grace, we have arrived at this stage where we officially graduate from the baby stages. I pray we will only continue to be even more wiser as a parent, and always being able to represent God's love in the best we know how to our children. Thanks for following our journey and growing with us! :)

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