Friday, April 21, 2017

Happy 3rd Birthday Zoe!

Caution: This post is a little heavy with photos because I have decided to squeeze all her 3 celebrations into this 1 huge post. I figured that if I split them, you might need to wait for another 2 weeks for part 2, and that would have snowballed into Coen's birthday this weekend!

Zoe's actual birthday is on 2nd April and this year it fell right on the weekend! So, naturally the birthday weekend was packed with celebrations! First up was a trip to the Zoo with her godparents and then a mini celebration back at home for her. 

Check out Coen's tummy (LOL!)

This babe loves dogs, she's fearless and enjoys petting and playing with them so much!
And nope, the answer is a NO, we are not getting one.

If you followed my IG stories for awhile, you would have notice that I have been wanting to get this IKEA kids kitchen set for a long long time, but did not dive into it because well... I am a submissive wife who listens to her husband. hahaha. I have always believed that a good kitchen set is a good investment because I remembered playing with my siblings on imaginary cooking for the longest time and we never got bored of it! So, imagine my joy when Zoe's godparents came to our place to deliver this as her birthday present! It felt like my birthday present as well! YIPPEE!

Making her star appearance! She was dressed as Woody for her birthday celebration! To be honest, we did not plan this at all! Prior to her birthday we got her to pick her cake, which, by this age I have no say at all. She picked out "Toy Story" which was also my favorite cartoon for a long long time, so well I was happy too, haha! And then just 3 nights before, we stumbled upon this Woody costume which my husband's cousin handed down to COEN which she insisted to try it out... and we realized hey she could kind of fit and wear this to match her cake!

Thankful for this pair of doting godparents!

My favorite photo of the whole lot! It has always been extremely hard to get Zoe looked and smile into the camera ever since she discovered that she can exercise her rights. And what you could not have guessed from all these happy photos was that she had a meltdown when we were singing her a birthday song because the zoo trip overtire her and she was just really cranky. It really gave us a shock when we saw her crying, and we could even barely finished the song. So.... you can say that this photo was a miracle shot!

This pair woke up the next day to opening presents from my helper! We were so so touched when she told us she bought them birthday presents and even wrote two very sweet cards for them! The toys she got them were not cheap at all and we are just so so so thankful for the love she has for the kids!

On her actual birthday, we hosted both of our families for a mini celebration for their one and only grand daughter. We are really thankful that both our families have no problem coming together and a huge thank you to my mother-in-law for whipping up some really delicious dishes for us!

Two dowagers serving the princess, or the queen.

For her second birthday cake she chose an Inside Out ice-cream cake! Inside Out is one of her most played movie at home - I think we have watched it at least 40 times (not even exaggerating!) Okay, mummy here approves because she loves this show too!

And here we go again, once we started singing the birthday song, she started to be all grumpy and then crying and being upset about it. We again could even hardly finish the song! I knew we were cutting into her nap time so I wasn't sure if this was really the reason for all the tears and tantrums. But I must say it was quite another shock for all of us.

But once we started cutting the cake, all's good once again! It's within seconds that she became all happy because she gets to eat the cake. And we cut a huge piece with Joy's face for her as we figured that she needed it! LOTS of Joy please!

We couldn't get a group photo with the birthday girl as we did not want to risk another meltdown, so for both of our family photos we had to all SNEAK behind her without her knowing! Just look at her eating her cake, totally unaware of what's going on hahahaha!

One of the nights, my dear friend Delphine asked if she could come over to our place to spend time with the kids. One of the sweetest thing about a friendship is when a friend loves not just you but your family as well. Thank you Delphine, for taking time to come down to our place to celebrate Zoe's birthday! I was deeply touched that day for all the fuss and effort you make to show how much you love us. To many more years of growing old together!

Prepping for her school birthday party! One of the highlights for her was when we brought her to the supermarket and got her to pick all her favorite candies for her friends! The trolley was loaded with all things sweet, and all the kids at the supermarket were green with envy! hahaha. This year she is old enough to lend me a helping hand in packing them into the goodie bags, although we did take twice the time to get all these goodie bags packed!

And yes, it's another Toy Story cake! I was honestly surprised that she loves this cartoon so much that it had to appear twice in this year's celebrations. Not complaining, because who doesn't love Toy Story!

 I was honestly very relieved we were done with all of her birthday celebrations!

And...THREE?! That's how my husband and I felt when we were approaching her 3rd birthday. Three years just went past like that and right in front of us is this little girl who has grown into someone who has a mind of her own, head strong, unpredictable, full of sass, funny and out of the world. She's what I call a ball of fire that consumes every ounce of my brain juice and energy every single day.

There is just something about a firstborn birthday that brings an extra sentimental feeling with it. On the eve of her birthday night, this girl who has never slept past midnight was still lying on her bed wide awake at 12! It was as if she was waiting for her birthday to arrive. I climbed into her bed, laid next to her in the dark, holding hands, snuggling in her blanket and remembering the times when she was just a tiny baby. It was a really special start to her birthday and likewise my "birthday" to becoming a mother. You will always be our baby girl, Zoe Anne!

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  1. I really like the bunting you used for the birthday party. May I know where you got them from? Thanks!