Saturday, April 29, 2017

Happy 1st Birthday Coen!

It's been a week since we celebrated Coen's 1st birthday, and here's part 1 of it! Just before his birthday party that afternoon, we held a mini celebration for him at home! Thinking back, I am really glad we had a bit of family time that morning celebrating for him in an intimate way before we were all rushing off to set up for his party!

These two woke up to opening up presents not from us but from my helper! Initially we thought she had already given Coen his share during Zoe's birthday, but she surprised all of us again with gifts for BOTH of them and even handwritten cards! So so so blessed by her love for the kids!

If you remembered Zoe's 1st birthday, the husband also did a fruit cake (literally) for her (read here), and continued this tradition for Coen as well! The reason for the fruit cake is because since we gonna be celebrating with the real birthday cake at the party, and he won't be eating it, this was then perfect! We are pretty careful with their diet even after they turned 1 year old, Zoe only had her first taste of cake which was during her classmate's birthday celebration in school just slightly before turning 2!

It's really simple to do this - get a small watermelon,  cut it across and remove skin. Layer between papaya, and decorate it with other soft fruits like strawberries, kiwi, blueberries and banana! No worries about sugar and cream, it's loaded with lots of vitamins instead!

Coen: "hmm can't wait to try this"

Coen: "Arg, enough with the photos, I have heard so much about birthday cakes, I want to eat this!"

Coen: "Jie, you mean this is it for my birthday cake?"

Zoe: "Here you go Coen, it isn't that bad"

Coen: "What? you mean this isn't a real cake and the real thing will be at the party?"

Coen: "But why is this watermelon yellow?"

Coen: "Okay, actually this isn't that bad!"

23 April 2017

Happy 1st birthday Coen! I thought that I would only get extra sentimental during your sister's birthday, but turned out that I feel exactly the same! On the eve of your birthday, I thought of the day I gave birth to you and replayed it in my mind a couple of times, followed by watching your newborn videos and trying to remember your smell back then. You were so tiny and always with a frown, but now you are outgrowing your clothes so quickly and so happy all the time! When you are old enough, mummy will tell you that you existed in our minds and our hearts way before we conceived you and it felt like we waited for you for a really long time! Thank you for the 365 days of joy, and like it or not, you will always be the baby of your family!

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