Friday, April 7, 2017

Coen Xie - 11 Months Old ("Mama!")

By the time I write this entry, we are already 2 weeks left to Coen's 1st birthday! We have been busy the past week with Zoe's 3rd birthday celebration, which is an upcoming entry in the next couple of days! But for now, here's a quick summary of Coen's 11th month milestone!

Biggest achievement this month has to be when I hear this little bear calls me "mama" loud and clear! I was honestly taken by surprise because I don't remember Zoe calling me "mama" that clearly at this age and that frequent either! However, this baby here calls me "mama" soooo often everyday and the way he says it just melts my heart completely, and especially more so when he looks right at me and calls me "mama" so sweetly. Awwww.

Here's a short clip I managed to capture him calling "mama"!

The past month we also have seen Coen took a huge leap in his linguistic development. Besides "mama", he can also call "nai nai" (grandma), "yeye" (grandpa) to both grandparents' delight!, "peppa" - I am not kidding, this is what he says every time he come across his sister's Peppa Pig books or toys, and "lion" when he sees his lion Jelly Cat soft toy given by the lovely aunty Dawn! Besides these, he could also pick up instructions really quickly! Like how we taught him how to signal "hello" and he learned it that same day and would put his hand cupped over his ears like he's on the phone, or a rather funny one will be that he has now learned to point his finger as if he is instructing or "disciplining" us because Zoe has been doing that to him when she tells him off for snatching her toys or what not. LOL.

The next real big achievement for the month would also be that this boy has finally been sleeping through rather consistently!! He sleeps from roughly 830pm to 7am everyday with 1 dream feed at midnight. And just two nights back, we did away with the dream feed and he could still sleep till the next morning! Hallelujah! Honestly, if you asked me, one of the hardest thing about parenting a baby is to wake up 2-3 times a night and surviving the day at work and mom duties with just that 3 hours of broken sleep each night. It was really brutal, and there were nights I wondered if I should sleep at all because having to keep waking up after I just dozed off was so cruel! And now finally with Coen sleeping through, and me not waking to pump anymore, I can sleep for a full 5 hours and feel human again. HURRAY! YES! YAY! FINALLY! POP THE CHAMPAGNE!

That's it for now, the next time I blog about Coen will be when he turns 1 - and that is unbelievable!!

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