Monday, March 27, 2017

Starting on Solids - Baby's First Food

I remembered counting down to both my kids' 6 month old milestone because starting solids is one of my favorite milestones! Seeing them taste food for the first time, the expression of wonder and confusion at the same time, and trying out different kind of flavors can be so exciting! Sharing in this entry on the things I prepared before I started them on solids and some of the first food which you can attempt!

First on my list was a good blender which not only can I use for the kids' solids, but also for other family dishes. I love this Tefal blender called the "Fruit Sensation" as it comes with 1 600ml glass jar which is the right size for a smoothie, and two 160ml plastic mills that acts as a chopper or grinder. It has two speed and is extremely easy to assemble, wash and just the perfect size to keep it into my kitchen cabinet! You can read more of it here.

Some other essentials -  Bib with waterproof front so that it doesn't soak through baby's clothing, BPA-free utensils and a sippy cup to start baby on water!

One of the first foods that I was extremely excited to let Coen try was Avocados! I eat this 3 times a week with wholewheat toast for breakfast and was really looking forward to sharing it with him! It is one of the many super food which has plenty of benefits and extremely easy to prepare for babies as it requires no cooking at all! (See below!)

Scoop avocados into blender, add a little bit of milk and blend to desired consistency!
As it's just a very small portion for Coen and I can't seem to blend this amount in huge blender, hence I like that Tefal's Fruit Sensation has the smaller plastic mills that could easily do the job! (Disclaimer: this is not an advertorial for Tefal!)

According to what I have read up online, avocados are extremely safe to freeze if you need to even though they turn brown after a while. However, I have not tried freezing it myself as there is always no leftovers for us during breakfast :)

 Other common food that we have introduced - Pumpkin/ Butternut Squash, Carrots, Sweet Potatoes, Steamed Apples.

Just a short description on how we prepare baby's puree. In this case - Steam pumpkin till it's cooked and just blend it!

 This is the consistency that we reached by adding water while blending. It should be really smooth, not too thick, and easy for the baby to swallow.

I try not to freeze these puree as we can afford to make them fresh everyday. But I do understand how convenient it is to prepare a whole tray and freeze them when you are tight with time. We have these baby food containers that is safely designed for freezing, and they are from Oxo which is leak proof, air tight and comes with two sizes - 2oz as shown above or 4oz which can be used when you have increase the food amount for your baby. I primarily use these containers to store my broth that's used for cooking the kids' porridge or noodles soup. I find them really convenient as I just needed to throw "2 cubes" of frozen broth into the pot and add the rice or noodles in to cook.

To start off with feeding, we gave Coen half a tablespoon to try for once a day and gradually increased when he was more accustomed to the taste. To rule out any allergies, I stick to the same food for at least 3 days. It was also pretty confusing for me at which time of the day should I feed him, for example before his feed or after his feed. It came with trial and error and reading up, and I eventually figured out that what worked for us. We feed him about 1 hour after his milk, and also when he is not too tired. As for his milk, we still give the same amount daily as milk remains to be the main source of baby's intake of calories till he is 1 year old.

Hope this has been helpful! Will share about the next phase of solids on how we prepare his porridge and other baby friendly food!

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