Friday, March 3, 2017

Returning to Heguru! (Heguru @ Sembawang Openhouse)

 After a year break, we are extremely excited to announce that we going to start the kids on Heguru next week! If you have followed my blog for some time, you will remember that I have blogged about my journey of Zoe who was 8 months old then attending weekly Heguru classes for a year at OneKM mall! We had such a whale of time over there with wonderful teachers and excellent crafted programs! Hence, it was always in our plan to have her return to it after she has settled down in her preschool and to also enroll little Coen to start on it as well! We may seemed like really "kiasu" parents, but we personally felt that Zoe had benefited so much from the classes, and the weekly 1 hour there seemed like so much fun for her and... me! Oh, and not forgetting that even my in-laws were urging us to let the kids go back at it!

For more of what is Heguru, it's basically training of our right brain to strengthen its function like photographic memory, concept comprehension and many more! You can read my introduction on what is Heguru here and also on Zoe's journey with Heguru OneKM mall here and here.

This time round, we will be joining Heguru @ Sembawang that is located at Sembawang Shopping Centre! It's a plus for us, as traveling there will take about 30 mins and that's probably the maximum I can handle with both kids now every single week to and fro! As Heguru OneKM and Heguru Sembawang are under two different management, I look forward to our new experience at the new centre! I will be sharing my review on the programs for both kids, their development, and also on the giving you a visual tour of the centre's facilities and background!

And if you can't wait for my blog entry on the centre to be up, good news is that they will be having their openhouse tomorrow ! There will be a sharing session by the principal and teachers, and also a chance to be introduced to Heguru activities! There are limited slots available for that, so do contact them to book a seat for you and your child!
4th March (Saturday)
Session 1: 10:30am to 11:30am
Session 2: 1pm to 3pm

Till then, have a great weekend! 

Disclaimer: We are sponsored by Heguru @ Sembawang for Zoe and Coen's lessons, and receive no other monetary compensation. All opinions are 100% mine.  

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