Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Coen Xie - 9 & 10 Months Old (Double Digit!)

 I missed an update last month so here's a combined update on Coen's milestones and what's been happening around at home with the kids!

A crawling baby! Coen has always been more interested to walk around the house assisted instead of trying to crawl. Nothing could entice him enough to crawl! And even if he really wants to move around the house, he would stretched out both his hands to signal us to help him up to walk. Okay, he did try to crawl sometimes, but even if he does he was always moving backwards. So, we thought maybe he was gonna just skip this stage and surprise us one day by walking hahaha. But of course it didn't happen. Watch the view of his first crawl below!

Yes, a piece of plastic did the trick!

I was waiting for this milestone actually because I remembered how cute it was to see Zoe sitting up on her own! Coen was always fumbling over when he tried to sit up on his own, and then one day I left him lying in the cot and came back to to see him sitting up smiling proudly at me as if he knew I was waiting for this exact moment. heart melts.

"Look ma, I am standing!" And hurray he's finally able to stand on his own! Lots and lots of cruising since then. When we hold him up to walk around the house, he can get extremely fast and even on the verge of running if he is excited! Can't imagine the mayhem this one will create when he starts walking, and double that when you put Zoe and him running together!

Besides all these milestones, what also took place the past two months was that this poor baby was down with HFMD! It started off with an outbreak in Zoe's school that led to her getting infected with it and then spreading it to Coen. Zoe had it quite bad, she had blisters all over her hands and feet and half her tongue looked like it was rotten with clusters of ulcers all over. I can't even imagine the pain! But, surprisingly she was in such good spirits that you can't even tell she had HFMD. She was eating like champ and telling us that she needed to eat slowly because it was painful. She did not complain or cried due to discomfort and finished all her meals and could even snack and ask for more food. Plus we made fruits and yogurt popsicle for her everyday! What a dream! She was just extremely bubbly and we are so thankful for that!

For Coen, he got infected when Zoe was at the end of her recovery. Just imagine our agony when we thought we were almost out of this nasty disease. Thankfully it was extremely mild and the blisters were just tiny tiny bumps and we could only see 1 ulcer at the tip of his tongue. He couldn't sleep well for the first two nights and woke up every 1 hour or even 30 mins! I kid you not, we were carrying him the entire two nights! But what was really really frustrating about this episode was that because of that ulcer, he went on a nursing strike. I will share this in details in a separate entry because it's gonna take at least a few paragraphs to describe this heartbreaking episode that left me crying every night for a week!

A cheeky smile before messing up his sister's toys

We are finally loving our balcony.... for this!

As much as we love to set up the inflatable pool at home and having the kids soak in warm water, my husband reminded me that we should also expose Coen to the pool so that he doesn't get turn off by the cold temperate of the water in the swimming pool in future. So, with the sister loving the waters so much, it is also inevitable that he comes along every time we go for a swim, and that is about almost once a week!

10 Months Old - I have no idea how my tiny baby has turned into this boy above. *sob* Its strange, but I find myself wishing more than ever before for him not to grow up so quickly as compared to his sister. Besides all the physical milestones, I personally felt that the past two months had been a period where he has suddenly grew a lot. He is starting to absorb quicker when we repeat certain words and items, and can understand a couple of instructions. And the other day he started calling "mama" when he saw me, and my heart almost burst and melted all at the same time! He has since then progressed on to "nai nai" as well when he sees my MIL. Extremely cute. He also understood what it meant by "clap your hands" and adorably clap his tiny hands proudly whenever we asked him to. I need a video of all of these for keepsake!

And now that we are 2 months away from him turning 1 year old, the question has been popping up - "Are we gonna have a party or not?" I debated this question for a few days, and the answer is... yes! Honestly being a second kid is tough, its hard to replicate the same amount of attention towards Coen without splitting myself into two to attend to the needs of his sister. So, on his 1st birthday we just want to have a day where all the attention is on him to celebrate this amazing sweet little boy's gift to our family. Wish me luck, as I would have to start gathering inspirations for the party and not forgetting that Zoe's birthday is just a month away from now as well, and I have yet to decide where to get her cake from and what items to put into the goodie bags for her classmates!

Till the next time!


  1. Hi Jayme, could you share next about how to manage a baby and young tod at the same time? Do you try to coordinate their naps and sleep time? Do they share the same room? Needed some advice on this, thanks! :)

    1. Hi Vivien, it was so hard to get around initially! It took me quite awhile to figure out how to coordinate their nap time and also on their bedtime routine! Zoe has her own bedroom and so does Coen, they are both accustomed to sleeping on their own since they came back from hospital. I usually put Coen down first for bed while my husband plays with Zoe. After I am done, I will put her to bed. Definitely need time for adjustment and get into a new routine, but it does pay off eventually! I will try to write in more details on my blog! :)