Friday, February 3, 2017

Chinese New Year 2017 - The Reddest Reunion Dinner

LOL - I had no idea we were wearing the same character till I was asked to take this photo!

27 January 2017

Happy lunar new year to all! Here's a sea of prosperous red reunion dinner photos to kickstart the entries for the festive season! My sister-in-law and husband were out shopping one day and they came across this set of CNY shirts from Giordano and decided that we should all wear the same red shirt (different characters) for the dinner! Although honestly, I was cringing from having to wear such a crazy bright red shirt (this is the only brightest shirt i have in my wardrobe at the moment), I ended up thinking it was so fun, plus it was a great excuse to get everyone including my FIL to take so many photos together! Well, my guess is, we will probably do this again next year and hopefully keep this tradition for the many years to come!

Last year we took a break from steamboat and my MIL cooked a table of dishes instead, as we weren't sure if we would last through a steamboat with a 20 months toddler. But this year, having an additional 9 month old baby joining us and we are back at it again! LOL. Come to think of it, I have realized that steamboats at home are the best if you have kids. Because honestly, 90% of the time when I eat with my kids, I have no idea what I am eating, and my food will always be cold after feeding or carrying either one of the kids. If we are in a Chinese restaurant, I feel like I am eating economical rice or also known as  "cai fan", because my plate will be piled up with all the different dishes that I have missed!. #momslife So with steamboats at home, once they are done eating, they run off to play safely in the house and not run all around the restaurant, and the key thing is even if you take turns to care for the kids, the food would always be pipping hot! And, even if I step away to change a diaper, I will still come back to a whole table of food waiting for me! Because in my history of eating steamboats at home, there is ALWAYS leftovers no matter what. RIGHT? 

So, anyway I hope you guys had a wonderful lunar new year with your loved ones, enjoy the rest of it with lots of eating and catching up!

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