Sunday, February 12, 2017

Chinese New Year 2017 - Day 2 (回娘家)

 This year, the house was so beautifully decorated by my mum and my florist sister!

 Look at the spread of homecooked food!

 I need to get my brother to teach me how to cook this salted egg yolk pork chop!

I couldn't get a picture but my mum and my aunt were cooking satay at the corridor!

A pot of love - my mum cooked this really delicious soup for 8 hours over the stove!

 My really talented siblings! The chef, the photographer, the florist... and the mother?


 My maternal side of the family! Not in full force, but so glad we manage to gather for Chinese New Year and see each other at least once a year!

 3/4 of the cousins!

 So much love for my family <3

 The only dish I managed to photographed for the night, it was chaotic!

 With my cousin-in-law Sarah and our boys who are about half a year apart!
(Coen was in PJs, ready to sleep!)

Husband's maternal side of the family!

29 January 2017
Our 2nd day of Chinese New Year started only after the kids had their afternoon nap, which was really great for us! For the entire festive season, we had planned the visitations in a way that we would be home in the afternoon for a few hours so that the kids get their nap. This time round, we also showered Coen before leaving for the evening visitation/ dinner, packed his pajamas along so that by the time its his bedtime, we would change him, feed him and let him sleep at wherever we are at. Once we were home, we just needed to transfer him to his cot! All these without him waking up! This allowed us to not feel pressured to leave early due to a cranky sleepy baby, and at the same time not disrupting his sleep, or waking him again at home to shower or change him out.

Day 2 is usually where most people return back to their maternal families and its not any different for us as well. Like I mentioned in my previous CNY post (read here), my family is big on Chinese New Year! My parents and my siblings were up early preparing the house and cooking for 40 pax! They hosted my mum's side of the family in the late afternoon, and then later that night it was an extended gathering where 3 of my siblings will invite all of their friends over! Major party!

Sadly we couldn't stay longer for the lohei that evening, as we had to rush for my husband's maternal side for dinner. This year's seating was really tight as every year there is an increase number of babies and having to sit through 8 course dinner with no space for the kids to run was a chaotic affair. I had little remembrance of what I ate except the prawns you see above, hahaha. Glad we survived the dinner and even managed a well taken group photo at the end!

I have 1 last CNY post, and it will be out in the next couple of days! And, if you have not read my previous entry, I am hosting a giveaway for teething baby! (Read here) It closes on 15 Feb 2359! Till the next time, have a great week everyone!

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