Friday, January 27, 2017

Zoe X Coen First Photoshoot - Le Petit Society Rooster Collection

As mentioned in my previous entry - (Rounding up 2016, read here), the kids had their first photoshoot together for Le Petit Society's Chinese New Year collection! I have been a fan of the quality of their clothing; they are always so soft and feels really comfortable to wear especially for such humid weather in Singapore! So, when I received the message to ask if the kids will be keen to be part of the shoot, honestly, I was thrilled and nervous too, because knowing Zoe's temperament, she is not the very compliant kind when it comes to photo taking, especially when there is a crowd. She used to be okay when she was much younger, and could stand still and smile, but now its extremely unpredictable!

We were told that it's a small collection, so I am relieved that she was only asked to change into 1 outfit for the entire shoot! Getting her to remove her footwear already took a bit of persuasion! We brought tonnes of food bribes along - marshmallow, animal shaped biscuits, long shaped biscuits, chocolate egg, gummy bear, and mini puffs for Coen. I even exhausted my list of treats like ice-cream, french fries, if she promised to do a great job at the shoot. hahaha.

Coen has always been the "chill" one, so I wasn't a bit worried unless he decided to skip his morning nap. But a day prior to the shoot, he suddenly ran a temperature and I was really worried.  But after a night of monitoring him and medication, I was so glad that his fever broke at 5am that morning! We didn't have much problem with him thereafter, though I wished he would have smiled more given his bubbly personality! But still he's such a cutie, and I just want to go and give him a big kiss as I look at these photos again!

 After the shoot, it dawned upon me that I did not take any photos of what went behind the scenes! *GASP!* We were all occupied getting the kids look into the camera or not run out of the frame. So, I only had one video of Zoe running in circles! And of course we kept our part of the bargain and went to get ice-cream and french fries after the shoot. Thankful for the opportunity, and for all these photos to keep for memory sake. Thank you Le Petit Society for having us! Can't wait to see what new collections you will launch in 2017!

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