Friday, January 6, 2017

Coen Xie - 8 Months Old (Mickey Mouse Edition)

23 December 2016

Before I start posting on Christmas and my year (2016) in review, I thought I would get down to this first before memories of an 8 month old quirks get forgotten. Coen has been growing so quickly that I have been trying to refresh my memories of his earlier baby stages and watching old videos of him just so that I don't forget him being a tiny baby.

Honestly, blogging about his monthly milestones is pretty much for myself to look back one day. They are probably boring to read for some, but I really enjoyed reading about what I wrote about Zoe, and I do not want to be in regret for not writing enough and have nothing to read about Coen in future. Furthermore, as he is our second child, you can imagine the guilt I feel every now and then as the second or subsequent kids don't get that same attention as firstborn. So, this is my commitment to him, to document more about him and be as excited about his milestones.

At 8 months old, this one here is still not too keen to crawl, whereas at this stage his sister was already speed crawling and being able to pull herself up to stand on her own. Whenever we put him down and get him to crawl, he just sits there happily and contented with staying put. Not that he doesn't try, but he is just not too bothered about it and would just go back to sitting position smiling away. Really chillzzzz.

We have also just started him on porridge the last two weeks, and thankfully he is taking it well and even better than when he was taking puree previously. So right now, he is on brown rice cereal for lunch and porridge for dinner. He has currently 4 teeth (top 2, bottom 2), and another 2 at the top which are coming out as well. Sleep wise, he is not consistent in sleeping through as he still wakes up 1-2 times every night. I am okay if he feeds and sleep immediately, but there are exceptions where he would feed and look at me with bright fresh eyes..... that scares me, like it's really a nightmare because I would have to carry him for the next 1.5-2 hours before he would go back to sleep. And my poor back will be feeling the ache the next day.

Breastfeeding him the past one month had been stressful for me, because he is in this phase where 80% of the time he would refused to latch in the daytime as there are just probably too much distractions, even if I am in the room alone with him. And the only time he would latch without a fuss is during his bedtime or in the middle of the night...basically when all is dark and he is sleepy. So, during the daytime, he would cry like I am torturing him with the boobs. I try not to be too forceful, and would calm him down before we try again. Sometimes we succeed, sometimes we don't, but because we have succeeded for a few times, they are an encouragement to me to not give up on latching him. I really would prefer to latch than pump, it takes my mind off if I am pumping enough and to just follow the cues of the baby. I am thankful that he is taking his bottles well, but I am really hoping that we can get to enjoy this special bonding time for the last few months before I wean him off and say goodbye to breastfeeding forever. The thought of it makes me want to bawl my eyes out again. *sniffs* (Read here on my weaning experience with Zoe).

So, that's it for now. The next blog post will be up in the next few days, have a lovely weekend!

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