Sunday, January 15, 2017

Christmas Eve + Christmas Lunch + 9th Dating Anniversary

24 Dec & 25 Dec 2016

Christmas is always extra special for us, as my husband and I also celebrate our dating anniversary. I remembered him driving me home from our date 9 years ago, and upon reaching my car park asking me to open up the car boot where there were light sticks and balloons asking me to be his girlfriend. LOL.Oh and complete with a bling bling River Island bangle, which probably symbolizes a ring, hahahahahaha. I am thankful that he is still the same man who does all these sweet surprises since day 1, of course not at this scale, but the flowers I get, the sweet thoughtful things, and how he has loved our kids are all more than enough for my heart.

We are similar and different in many ways, like we are both slightly introvert and enjoy a good movie or musical. Different in ways where he is the extremely organized/neat/clean/logical/practical one while I am the slightly (really slightly) not as much, and that kind of leads him to take charge at paying the bills on time, doing all the paperwork like the forms when I go into labor, insurance, knowing all the levies or government funds sort of stuff that we have and need to fill up etc and even packing all our luggage for all our vacations. Not that I can't do the above, but undeniably he's so good at it that I do not want to step into this "area" and mess things up big time and frustrate each other like me forgetting to bring the mobile charger for our holiday. So, I take charge of the other stuff like planning all the family meals every week ahead, deciding on the groceries, making sure the arrangement for the kids are all taken care of everyday that sort of stuff. We basically complement each other in our own differences and keep in mind to step back and compromise at times and not sweat on the unnecessary stuff.

 Sharing one of the wisest words about marriage that I often revisit - "to always accept the man/woman whom you have marry and not expect him/her to become someone much better than he/she was ( eg: more responsible, sweet, good looking, hands on etc). If he/she does become better, then that's a bonus." So cheers to many more years of togetherness, sharing of cakes and annoying each other my dearest husband!

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