Friday, December 16, 2016

Coen Xie - 6 & 7 Months Old Updates

I have been finding really hard to blog recently because returning back to work has totally wiped out my energy and my small pocket of personal time. I have been bringing work back home and spending my supposedly "wind down" period trying to clear my work so that I don't get choke up the next day. Working late in the night can only be started after the kids are asleep which is roughly 1030pm on wards. I would be working till as late as 2am or even 3am, and in between that few hours, I have to also feed the baby or attend to his cries. Alternatively,  I would be up at 430am feeding the baby and then turning on the laptop to work and then off I go to the office afterwards. The work just never ever seem to end!

Okay, so before this entry turns into a rant, I shall stop and focus on what's really the intent of this entry, which is to celebrate Coen's milestones!

"Look mama, I've got teeth!"

Coen has surpassed his sister by sprouting his first tooth just before he turned 6 months old! Currently he has 4 teeth (2 top, 2 bottom), and this teething business also meant biting my nips when he gets really agitated during feeding. (Can't even explain how painful that is). He also bit his sister on her knee recently and it was so deep that we could see the teeth marks! But oh well, all's forgiven when you see this adorable face looking straight at you. 

16 Oct 2016 - Achievement unlocked as I put two kids down for their nap at the same time!

 Whattttt 6 months?!

Turning 6 months was a big deal because it meant solids time! Thankfully he has been pretty easy to feed, although sometimes he still gags at them. Really excited to introduce him to more new flavors and make eating a fun experience for him! And this reminds me that I have an entry that I wanted to post about starting on solids which I hope I get down to it soon!

31 Oct 2016 - Coen's first dip in the public pool!

A month ago, I blogged about us setting up the inflatable pool at home for the kids (Read here). I actually very much preferred Coen in that because he has quite sensitive skin and the water in the inflatable pool is definitely clean, non-chlorine and also warm! But of course this is an expensive thing to do and not to mention a waste of water. As we frequent the pool very often, we are glad that Coen loves it and we can't wait for more water adventures as a family!

31 Oct 2016 - "Just chilling mama"

13 Nov 2016 - A sleeping child melts any hearts

21 Nov 2016 - Coen's first haircut by daddy!

We are very very blessed that both Zoe and Coen has quite a head full of hair since birth! I was quite apprehensive about the hair cut especially when the shaver was buzzing so loudly at his ears! My number one concern was I did not want to traumatize Coen at his first hair cut as I have heard too many horror stories of kids melting down during a hair cut and I certainly was afraid him becoming one! Thankfully, this one here was just so chill about the whole thing and quietly stayed in my arms while the husband gave his sideburns a good trim! Well done baby!

And.. 7 months old just like that. *sobs*

And, happy weekend people, will try to write soon!

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