Saturday, December 31, 2016

Christmas with My In-Laws (And a thank you note!)

23 December 2016

Every year, we celebrate Christmas with my in-laws and this year we decided to ditch the western style to go for Chinese steamboat! Awesome decision because it was pouring so heavily that night and we were all huddle together eating pipping hot food! Furthermore, no one grabs the same stuff as us in the supermarket!

I have probably said this a hundred times, but every year whenever I do a reflection of the year, my heart is full of thanksgiving for my wonderful in-laws. Even before we had kids, my in laws have been such a blessing to us, and now that we have become parents, they have been a tremendous pillar of support for my husband and I. Without them, parenting would have been so much harder and exhausting.

This year, becoming a mum of 2 kids is no easy feat, especially with all the uncertainty and stress I face after my maternity leave has ended. But, it was much easier for me to return to work when my in laws are always so available to help us out with the kids despite their own engagements and work schedules. My FIL was always a phone call away whenever we needed him to help ferry Zoe from her school during rainy days, and my MIL would without hesitation help to care for the kids whenever we needed her and thinking for us in the big and little ways that always make me feel extremely loved. They were always there no matter what; rainy days, working overtime, sick kids, cranky kids, date nights, wedding dinners etc.

Even on days that they did not need to look after the kids, they would still pop by just because they miss them... and they only saw them yesterday? hahaha. Not forgetting my SIL, who loves the kiddos very much as well. They are all extremely fun to hang out with, never complaining about how inconvenient we are when we are so slow or troublesome during meal times. We are just extremely thankful for them, and there is probably no way we can migrate because we need them!! We are going to follow them wherever they go! hahaha!

So, how about a holiday together next year? hahahaha!

Anyway, happy new year guys, wishing you and your family a fantastic 2017 filled lots of laughter, courage and hope!


  1. So so so nice to have such a support system. We hardly bother my in las cause they have three mandatory kids to care for hahha and we can't possibly put two more on their shoulders. They too will try their best to assist us but it's so hard to ask unless necessarily urgent [like I really need a breather hahaha]. But I would also write a thanskgicing post to my in laws for always saying Yes whenever we ask too :) cheers to great grandparents!

    1. Hey May! Yes, I am sooooooo thankful for them! I can't imagine my life would be without them! They inspire me to be great grandparents in future!