Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Playdate at Lowercase [Kids-Friendly Cafe]

Ever since I became a mum, it's hard to have some time to head out for a cup of coffee or a meal independently with my friends. Most of the time I would bring Zoe along so that I don't have to make extra arrangements to have the husband or my in laws staying at home with her. And now that Zoe has grown into a toddler, I have come to appreciate places that are kids friendly so that I can get to chat a bit while Zoe gets entertained. Besides, from a kids point of view, I think it makes the whole outing with mummy a lot more fun than to just sit or run around aimlessly and getting screamed at for nearly knocking into people.

So 2 Saturdays ago, I brought Zoe for a playdate with one of my mummy blogger friend Dawn who blogs at Daprayer, and Rae who runs this amazing kids online store Oh Happy Fry. Our kids are just 2-3 months apart and I was looking forward to seeing them hang out and also to catch up with these two mummies whom we got to know through social media!

 We wanted to go to a place where we can offload the kids and enjoy the afternoon, and though indoor playground was the first thing that came into our mind, we decided not to because erm we would have to climb up and down with the kids and we really just wanted to chill! hahaha. After shortlisting a few, we decided on Lowercase which is located in Laselle! Oh boy, Zoe and I were completely thrilled when we saw the bouncy castle, I mean it's just PERFECT to have it inside the cafe! Wished I had discover this place earlier!

On a side note, the bouncy castle is only available on weekends for a certain period of time. To avoid disappointment, I would strongly encourage you to give them a call to confirm that the bouncy castle will be available when you are there!

 The upper deck of the cafe

We settled for a cozy corner with these really cute old school looking chairs for the kids!

Thank God they were compliant enough for a few minutes to let us snap these photos!

Cute little JJ!

My food photos were terrible that day so please bear with me!
I ordered the above which is a cream based fettuccine that tasted better that how it looked here!

Rae ordered this plate of what I believed was their Aglio Olio!

Some standard kids friendly food also includes this plate of fish fingers and fries.

Looking at this pizza makes me feel so bad because Zoe knocked this over and half the pizza went flying to the floor. And the worse part was it wasn't mummy who ordered and paid for it. Not pictured here is also a breakfast set which Dawn ordered, and it looked delicious as well! Overall, the food wasn't too bad but the waiting time was a little longer than expected.

 The ever stylish Laurent!

After lunch, the kids were set loose inside the bouncy castle! It was very challenging taking these photos! I mean just imagine taking photos while the whole castle is bouncing up and down! And not forgetting kids who wouldn't stay still for the shot! It's a miracle that I managed to get a few shots that weren't blurred.

Judging from the number of times Zoe and Laurent went up the slide, I concluded that it must be really fun. Plus, I could tell that it was rather exciting because of the speed that they were coming down, and they were in all sorts of positions like front, side way and even head down!

And this was the only shot I could get of the 3 of them in the bouncy castle! Hahaha

If there is one thing I really love about this cafe, it would be that there are plenty of seats around the bouncy castle that allow parents to have their food there instead of only eating at the upper deck. I saw groups of parents eating just next to the castle while their kids were jumping in there. We also sat there comfortably after our food to chit chat while watching our kids play. Being just outside of the castle also made it easy for us to attend to their needs!

And... here's a group photo of us and our kiddos! Looking forward to the next time!

Lowercase Cafe
Laselle College of the Arts
Blk D #01-01
1 McNally Street
Singapore 187940

Tel: +65 6337 5581

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