Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Hong Kong 2016 - Day 2 (Breakfast with Disney Characters)

After spending day 1 at Disneyland, we were ready for more Disney! Highlight of our stay at Disneyland was to have breakfast with the Disney crew! As we were staying at the Disney Hollywood Hotel, the dining option was only limited to "Chef Mickey" compared to Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel that has "Dining with Characters". We picked the latter obviously because we wanted to see the rest besides Mickey! To avoid disappointment, we made our breakfast reservations before our trip. Although it was a different hotel, it was really convenient to make our way there as there is an internal bus shuttle service and all it took was 10-15 mins to arrive for our breakfast date!

Love this photo of these two :)

The gorgeous high ceiling lobby of Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel

"Enchanted Garden" for our breakfast!

We paid about S$50 per head for international breakfast buffet spread. You can expect all things Disney; Mickey Scones, Mickey Pancakes, Mickey Waffles, Darth Vader Pancake etc. Zoe and I hardly ate because we were way too engrossed in looking out for the Disney characters roaming around the restaurant! In order not to miss out on the characters, the husband was the only one zooming to and fro the buffet line on our behalf, and we just ate whatever he has piled on our plate. hahaha.

There were a total of 4 characters and Pluto was probably the friendliest of all! I was honestly impressed by the mascot being totally immersed into the character. He was licking all of us, hugging us, and refusing to let us off! He even fed Zoe her breakfast! His friendliness wasn't just toward the kids, but he generously extended it to the adults as well, and I was hugged so many times that Zoe was probably wondering when is her turn. haha! There was this father who was seated next to us and he was totally weird-ed out by Pluto because he just kept on hugging him and licking him to the amusement of his kids and wife, it was rather funny to see him being annoyed by Pluto's overly affectionate gestures. hahaha.

I was pretty sure she had no clue what she was eating because she was constantly checking who is coming over next, and asking me a thousand times where were they.

Goofy - The one that came around our table the most number of times. He was just like what we have watched in the cartoons; always goofing around! He proudly signaled to Zoe that he had cooked all of what was on her plate, gave her fist bumps, nose rubs and all sorts of high fives. It was really lovely to see him not just obliging us with a few one time off photos but to keep seeing him come back to our table doing all sorts of "goofy" antics!

Of all the 4 characters, Minnie was the hardest to "catch"! She was always at the other side of the restaurant, and by the time she came to us it was pretty late and we were waiting for her for a long time. There wasn't much interactions as she was rushing to another table and it was over in a min or two after a few photos. Zoe was nervous to take a photo with her, or rather star struck hence she couldn't smile properly! Look at that face! It resembles so much of the kid at "Home Alone"! LOL. After checking the photos and finding Zoe smiling like this in ALL the photos, we went around to try to get another photo with Minnie!

And, finally a successful shot! It took 4 separate attempts to get this one shot of Zoe smiling beautifully with Minnie!

And.. Mickey Mouse! Even mummy feels excited to see him interacting with us! He came around a couple of times for photos and Zoe later on zoomed off to follow him as well. She was extremely delighted as you can see!

Overall, I must say that it was a really fun experience for all of us! Having breakfast with your favorite Disney characters roaming around and having photos opportunities without queuing up! If you are staying at Disneyland, I would say it is one of the "must dos'!

Back to our hotel! We had some time after checking out, and decided to explore the hotel.

If you have left your floats at home, the hotel has got kids life vest!

View from our hotel room :)

The only photo of the two of us from the trip :)

There wasn't much on our agenda today and we really wanted to take it slow after a hectic day 1. We took the train out of Disneyland with our luggage and thankfully the crowd wasn't too bad as it was off peak, and we even had seats on the train. Hong Kong's train system is pretty similar to Singapore so we commute by train all the time and find it really convenient and easy to navigate.

Previously we had stayed at The Cityview, which we had a really good experience with. But because I am currently still breastfeeding and would need a proper fridge to store my expressed breastmilk, we decided to lodge at a service apartment - Citadines Ashley right at Tsim Sha Tsui where there is a slightly bigger and powered up fridge. They have 3 different room sizes and we stayed at their Studio Premier (32sqm) where after laying out our luggage, we still had ample space to walk around and Zoe could even do her coloring activities on the floor. They offer daily housekeeping services as well, if you are worrying that service apartment don't do that.

It comes with a small kitchenette where they even have crockery for you to do cooking, microwave, toaster, cutlery, utensils and my favorite being there is a proper sink to do our washing instead of washing Zoe's milk bottles and my pump parts at the toilet sink.

We also brought our trusty Pigeon Compact Steam Sterilizer along which is a lifesaver for me as I needed to sterilize my pump parts after washing. I have used sterilize tablets before and besides being troublesome, I also dislike the smell of it. So, I am extremely thankful for this sterilizer that is super compact and suitable for traveling! It weighs 700g and doesn't take much space in our luggage! Read more on my review here!

The bathroom surprised me with a bathtub as I was expecting it to be as really small with just enough standing space for a shower. Zoe spent every night soaking in the tub playing with her bath toys, plus point for us to just get some 10 mins breather after a full day with her.

Macau Restaurant, 40-46 Lock Road, Tsim Sha Tsui
This is the restaurant I go to every time I am in Hong Kong, and I am delighted to know that we are just staying 2 minutes away! It serves my favorite macaroni soup and has amazing Portuguese egg tarts and Chicken Buns (which the service staff accidentally left out on our order this time round!)

This picture does no justice as we had did a take away this time round and you can't see what's in there. House Maraconi - A bowl of macaroni in beef brisket tomato carrot potato soup, a slice of ham, luncheon meat, chicken chop and a sunny side up! It has a super homely taste!

Corn Pie - Best Combo for Zoe!

We went out to take a walk around our hotel which has plenty to offer as its right smack at Tsim Sha Tsui, and settled for some fries and ice-cream at MacDonald's to Zoe's delight.

Celebrating birthday on the eve of it has somehow become our family tradition and these two sneaked up on me with a little cake and we had plenty of crazy laughter that night where Zoe reenacted the surprise countless times so that we can video it down, haha! There were many NGs of candles dropping, and even the entire cake fumbling out of her hands! And I just love her smile in this photo!

In case you missed it, you can read about our Hong Kong Day 1 at Disneyland here!

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