Friday, October 7, 2016

Coen Xie - 5 Months Old Update & Rolling Over

23 September 2016

My very first proper monthly milestone update of Coen, it has to take 5 months to get the ball rolling!

It dawned about me that I have not shared much about Coen except just two massive spam posts of his backdated photos. I have been faithfully taking Coen's monthly photos, but this time I had quite a shock that he is already 5 months old. I don't remember time flying so quickly during Zoe's infant days, but with Coen everything just moves so quickly especially my maternity leave!

So, the thing about having a second kid is that you can't help but to wonder if the baby will turn out to be just like your firstborn. When I was pregnant with Coen, he was much more active kicking and punching me very often, hence I was quite convinced that this boy is definitely going to be not as easy as his sister. And furthermore, when he was born, he was wailing non stop for 1 whole hour in the delivery suite that got me slightly intimidated when I thought about hearing this sort of non stop crying every day. Having 2 easy kids just sounded a little too good to be true.

Well, thankfully, my fears of dealing with a non stop crying cranky baby did not happen. Coen turned out to be an absolute darling boy! I mean of course I have my days where he cries wanting to be carried, pooing every single time right after I had just changed his diaper, or regurgitates all over me especially when I have just showered and changed, but generally speaking he isn't fussy and is easily pleased. His reasons for crying can be easily narrowed down to him being hungry, wet diapers, or tired - all very practical needs. He can be left in the rocker or in the cot playing on his own the entire time when we are having dinner, and loves flashing his incredibly huge smile whenever you engaged him, and then you just can't help but to pick him up and kiss his face all over. Sigh, this baby steals my heart completely. And him being so easy just makes mothering two kids easier, though the challenges of parenting two kids still exist regardless, and there are still days I wish I can split myself into two to meet both their needs at the same time.

Bringing him out with us is also a breeze, he can stay in the carrier without making a single whimper throughout a car ride or a 30 mins MRT ride, and also sit quietly on my lap while i eat with one hand. The only inconvenient part about bringing him out is that I have to always look for a nursing room to feed because I am just not that smooth in feeding under a nursing cloth this time. I used to be quite good at it with Zoe and was much more confident about nursing her in public (covered up of course). Perhaps I just need to practice more at home with him under the cloth, so that we can then finally sit at the lunch/dinner table with our friends without me disappearing for 30 mins missing out on all the conversations and coming back to a plate of cold dish.

So anyway, his most current milestone - rolling over! To be honest, we started Coen on his tummy time really late and I was feeling very bad about it whenever I see him still having his face buried in the sheets after 3 months. Thankfully, he caught up with all the daily practices and flipped over just before turning 5 months. Sleep wise, though he has slept through a few times for 8 to 9 hours straight, most of the nights I still have to wake up to nurse him at least once. That sounds not too bad but there are also nights I wake up every 2-3 times  or like last night I woke up 4 times! Hoping to see the consistency after he starts his solids, because his sister slept through at almost 7 months when we started her on porridge. #THEREISHOPE!

I am gonna stop here, have a lovely weekend everyone! Updating about our Hong Kong vacation next! Stay tuned! :)

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  1. Your boy looks very smart and handsome, wish him always healthy.
    I love the way you pose those pictures, so cute.