Monday, September 19, 2016

Splashing Good Weekend

17 September 2016

Just spent the entire weekend at home with these two and I am suffering from major Monday blues as I type this. Now that I am back to work, the weekends have been extra precious for me. It's been a month since I am back to work, and to sum it up, it is still really tough to leave the kids everyday and I miss them terribly at work. Not forgetting surviving on only 3-4 hours of broken sleep each day as I wake up to pump/nurse Coen at least once in the middle of the night, and Zoe has been waking up almost every night only wanting me to pat her back to sleep for the past months. The number of times I wake up each night to attend to both kids is so frequent that sometimes I am not even sure I have actually slept. If I can just get 3 STRAIGHT hours of sleep each night, I would be extremely contented and recharged.

This weekend, while the husband was away for work, I spent two full days playing and enjoying the presence of my kids. We read countless stories, drew and color, snuggled on the bed, and sang many many many songs. The highlight of the weekend has to be setting up our new inflatable pool at our balcony and washing these two splashing away. It was Coen's first "pool experience" and extremely hilarious and fun to watch him kicking and enjoying himself!

The past two days, I have also saw how Zoe grew in her love for her brother, and how extremely affectionate she has become toward him. When Coen first arrived, it took a while for her to understand that Coen is now part of the family; it wasn't all smooth sailing but I am proud to say that she has since grown and has taken up this big sister role extremely well. Many times she would asked to carry him, rock him in his rocker, stroke his hair gently, calm him down on her own accord while I was busy, read to him, sing and entertain him and just today the both of them had a good laughing session just between the both of them. It was so funny to watch! It warms my heart so much to see her building her relationship with her brother. In addition, she has grown so much and especially more so this past one month. We are so thankful that she has become so independent and sensible for her age :)

I'm gonna stop here and go catch some sleep while I can, have a lovely week and be back to update soon! Xx

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