Tuesday, September 13, 2016

National Day Preview 2016 - Hapy 51st Birthday Singapore!

9th July 2016
This is way backdated, but I really wanted to post these photos on the blog for memory sake. Attending the National Day preview has always been a huge thing during my childhood days as my dad works in the civil service sector. We grew up watching soldiers marching, attending different kinds of parades, hanging out at my dad's camp where his cadets would be canoeing in the sea or having their training... You can say that we were quite widely exposed to military stuff as kids, and we love it! It was always fascinating for us! In fact, my dad wanted all of us to sign on after we graduate, and that includes my sister and I... hahaha! Thanks, but no thanks dad!

Attending the National Day Preview or Youth Day Parade at the Kallang Stadium was a big part of my childhood days. I remembered the day was filled with excitement because it was one big family outing that not only involved the 6 of us, but also my uncles, aunties and cousins. My parents would cooked a whole pot of fried rice and packed them for everyone to eat while we watched the parade. It was a huge treat for us, being able to be part of the nation's celebration every single year. Something that we do not take for granted!

In recent years, we have stopped attending the parade as a family as tickets were hard to come by; considering that the venue has become much smaller compared to the Kallang Stadium. We took turns to attend or sometimes attend different previews of the same year. But, this year's venue at the Singapore Sports hub meant bigger seating capacity and we managed to attend the preview once again together with my parents and sister, and even being able to bring Zoe along! Pity that my brothers couldn't make it! I was kind of feeling a little emotional about it because it felt like yesterday when I was a little girl watching the parade in amazement and hearing my dad shared with me the different segments of the parade. Now, looking at him sharing the same stories to my daughter just warms my heart so so so much. It was a moment that I will never forget.

I guess this is what nation building is also about; not just defending it but also being able to pass down stories, and sharing about Singapore to the next generation. And I hope my kids will grow up loving their country and being proud to call this place their home :)

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