Thursday, September 22, 2016

Coen's First Trip to the Zoo!

 Well, someone's not impressed by the Zoo...

 Just hanging with the pandas

 This was supposed to be a shot with the Panda, hahaha

We were really nervous while we took this photo with the Chimpanzees!

9th August 2016

Ever since Coen has fully recovered from his bronchiolitis (read about it here), we have been trying to make conscious effort to integrate him into the family. Prior to his recovery, he was always in his bedroom as we had to turn on the air purifier 24/7, and this resulted in Zoe hardly seeing her brother. I learned the hard way that it takes effort to gel all 4 of us together, and not assumed that things would naturally fall into place. So, on National Day off we went to the Zoo! Many people asked why I had brought Coen along considering the weather conditions and also how he might not appreciate it at his young age. But this family trip was really much needed for all of us to be able to let Zoe understand and share her fun and joy with her brother. Even for us parents, it gave us an opportunity to practice and get into the flow of leaving the house as a family of 4. Trust me, we had jitters the first few times, and it was only recently that we managed to feel confident about it!

We have been going to the Zoo really often this year due to my husband's work benefit of obtaining free passes every quarter. Zoe loves it and each time we went, she grew in her understanding and excitement of seeing the animals again. Her favorite of it all - the tram that goes round and round the Zoo. The last time we went, I was heavily pregnant during my third trimester, and hence this was a really special trip with Coen present with us! Can't wait for him to grow a little older to be more aware of the animals - as you can see from the photos he was sleeping when I tried to introduce my favorite animal, hahaha.

We are off now for our holiday, be back to update again!

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