Friday, September 30, 2016

28 - Twenty Eight

We celebrated my 28th a day before we flew off for our holiday, and I was really glad we managed to do so as I was feeling slightly bumped about not having Coen around with me blowing out the candles on my actual day. That evening, we had just returned home from picking Zoe up from school and I was planning to do some last min packing after dinner when my sister caught me by surprise by popping by my place with a beautiful bouquet of flowers that she made from scratch herself. Flowers and handwritten notes are my weakest point, so having both and a surprise visit from her really made me very touched!

I thought a bit about turning a year older and how my life had been the past year or past few years. Many people have looked at me surprised and even a little envious that I have sort of got it all by marrying a wonderful man and having two beautiful kids - all these under 30. Have I planned this out? Thinking back when I was still schooling, I never really had big ambitions to want to climb the corporate ladder, or to achieve any sort of big crazy dreams. I knew that when I looked into the future, I could only see myself wanting to settle down and have my own little family. (And no, I don't go around looking for potential guys to marry - it just happened that I married my first boyfriend after a 4 years courtship). To me, building a family, being able to whipped out meals for my loved ones and loving my kids have always seem to be more fulfiling than to be slogging so hard out there. But then again, I am not really cut out to be 100% SAHM, and I do enjoy working.

Many of my friends who are not married or without kids have asked if I had wished to have seen the world more or to have more 1-1 time with my husband. Truthfully, it is hard to travel now, and some days I do wish I could just pack my bags and go on a spontaneous trip, or have late nights out without "booking" my in-laws 2 weeks in advance to babysit the kids. To some out there, they feel that I am missing out and could have delayed a few more years to starting a family, which is true - biologically I do have the time to wait a little, travel more, do more in life etc. But, at the end of the day, every night when I hit the bed, I know this is what I have wanted; tired to the bones with everything on my plate but knowing that my tiredness has a really good reason for it. Motherhood itself is sacrificial whether you are 20s, 30s or 40s, and I personally don't think I am being extra sacrificial just because I am a mother under 30, I would think that I have spent it really well because I am a mother, and I wouldn't have change any bit of it.

And even as my days are packed with mothering duties and work commitments, I have also recently spent some time thinking about what I would like to do for myself before I hit the big 3, and I hope these plans will take root and bear some fruits in the next 2 years. And to celebrate 28, I say a prayer to God to thank Him for giving me this little family to love and to be loved. I am contented with what I have and where I am in life right now. Thanks for all the well wishes, and for sticking around reading this!

Xx, Jayme


  1. Blessed 28th, dear! Motherhood is a never ending journey of growth both as a mum and as individual. It's nice to have kids when you're still young (plus have the energy! Haha!), and there's just no "right" time for these things. Glad you're having fun with the little ones! And on an entirely random note, our birthdays are pretty close! Except that I'm *a few* years older 😂😂

    1. Thanks Cindy! Yea I cant imagine running after two kids when I am much older because I am already so tired everyday now! Thankful to have a like-minded husband as well and who is in this parenting business with me! Happy belated birthday to you!!! See you soon! :)

  2. Happy birthday, Jayme. It's so nice to hear someone who's content with her status quo. All the best to your plans!