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Found the Perfect Stroller - Babyzen Yoyo+ [Review]

 One of the big ticket item in preparing for a baby's arrival is purchasing a suitable stroller that you hope can see you through from his or her infant stage all the way to the toddler stage. We have been using a Combi lightweight stroller for the past 2 years ever since Zoe was born, and with its super regular usage of bringing it out with us every weekend and now everyday to and fro to Zoe's school, it has come to a point where it somehow has become not too sturdy for our growing toddler.

Hence, our search for a new stroller for Zoe began, and boy was it hard to even shortlist a few that could fit our bill. The pretty ones I like were all too expensive or if not too heavy to be pushed on an escalator on my own, the lightweight ones were too lightweight to hang anything except a few shopping bags without the stroller toppling over, and the ones that were sturdy enough were either too complicated to fold and unfold or lacking the aesthetics that makes me want to push them out. The husband was very hard at work comparing stroller by stroller across multiple brands for months (I kid you not), and we still couldn't seem to find two or even one that seemed to tick. You can see, we take buying a stroller rather seriously!

So, I decided that making these choices on our own isn't gonna work. I asked for recommendations on my Instagram hoping that any parent out there would drop in a comment. Thankfully there were a couple of comments, and to my surprise, there was this one stroller that was highly recommended by a few of them and its none other than Babyzen Yoyo+. I knew this must be a really good one. and boy were we right! After reading their reviews on it, I was so sold that we headed down to a retail store to get a feel of it. It was perfect! And after sleeping on it for a few days, we eventually bought it and I have no regrets at all! Here's sharing my review on it!

Folding the stroller!

Unfolding the stroller!

1. Easy Folding & Unfolding
I am a real klutz in dismantling or fixing something, so this is another important criteria for us (or rather for myself) as I do not want to be caught in a situation where I have to spend more than a minute figuring which button to press or unlock, and then get stuck trying to fold the stroller with the taxi uncle waiting. Babyzen Yoyo+ is coined as "one hand fold" but this would take practice to use only one hand. And as you can see from the GIFs above, I have not quite master it yet. But in any case it is really simple to do so with just 2 steps each. To fold - unlock the side and pull the lever below to have the stroller folded in nicely. To unfold - pull up the stroller and push it out! It takes just 2-3 seconds to do each of them!

2. Extremely Compact and Perfect for Traveling
After folding the stroller, this is how compact and sleek it looks! As mentioned on its website, it measures 52 x 44 x 18cm, weighs roughly 6kg. I consider this as pretty lightweight, because for a stroller to be less than 8kg it means it can be carried with one hand, which is an important feature for me as I can load this up into the taxi boot while carrying my toddler in another hand. 6kg would also mean it isn't too heavy for us mummies to manage it on an escalator on our own! With its compact-ability, this can also be carried up the plane as a hand luggage and fit into the aircraft overhead compartment!! How cool is that, you get to keep your stroller with you all the way to the boarding area! Perfect for traveling and for my upcoming holiday next month!

3. Carrying Strap
I love how effortless it now looked when I have to bring a stroller out, especially when I am on a public transport! With this additional strap, I say hello to being hands free! I no longer look like I am overwhelmed fumbling my way through carrying a folded standing stroller with one hand, but can now carry Zoe with both hands or carry a bag or tap my EZ link card as I sling the stroller over my shoulder! It does gets a little heavy on the shoulder over a few minutes walk, but honestly not a huge price to pay to be hands free and being able to take the bus or train on my own now with Zoe.

4. Sturdy & Easy to Maneuver
The downside of most lightweight stroller is that as time past and your child grows, it is often than not a little flimsy with the additional weight. Spoken with true experience with our Combi lightweight stroller. Now that Zoe is about almost 12kg, and with our frequent usage over 2 years, it has become a little shaky especially when I push it over a non-smooth surface. However, Babyzen Yoyo+ (plus) which can take up to 18kg with its "4 wheel suspension and "soft drive" system" feels extremely sturdy even on clobbered floor (I intentionally pushed it over them to give it a test!).

5. One Step Brake Pedal
This is one of my favorite feature of the stroller! It used to be having to step on both pedals on top of the back wheels to brake the stroller, but now all I need to do is to step on this one red pedal at the back to brake the stroller completely! How convenient and not forgetting a very safe feature of the stroller for parents who need to brake the stroller in a flash to get a toddler up and down the stroller!

6. Ample of Storage Space + Rain Shield
There are two sections of the stroller where you can store your things. A huge storage pouch that hangs at the back of the canopy  making it really convenient to access to it. Each morning when I send Zoe to school with the stroller, I am often without a bag, so I place my wallet and mobile phone in this storage pouch! The bottom basket is also huge and well covered at the sides to prevent your things from dropping out as it goes.The stroller comes with a rain shield that provides full coverage for the stroller, keeping your kid dry, and I store this and a pocket size umbrella in the bottom basket permanently so that we never get caught off guard in a bad weather situation.

I love little details like this where the top of the canopy is a little see-through so that I can get to see my kid when I am pushing the stroller. I don't have to intentionally stop the stroller to check from the frontal view on what is she doing. And, not forgetting Zoe loves to also check on me too and flash me a great big smile when she sees me through this feature.

8. 5-Point Harness and Machine Washable Fabrics
And how important are these! Our previous stroller came with just a bottom buckle which wasn't entirely secure for an active toddler. So with this 5 point harness, I can be assured that she is seated in there safely especially when she is asleep and not sliding out side way or in front. The seats are also ultra padded for a comfortable ride and I love that all the fabrics are also easily removable and machine washable!

9. Changeable Canopy Color + UPF 50+ Solar Protection
When I first laid my eyes on Babyzen Yoyo+ plus, I couldn't decide between the grey or the taupe one. Eventually I settled for grey as taupe was out of stock at that time, but was still feeling a tinge of regret that maybe I should have waited for it to be restocked. The good news? I later found out that I can actually just purchase the canopy and fabric separately to change them! How brilliant! They have 6 different colors to choose from! Now, I can purchase the taupe one and feel like I own two different stroller but the fact is I only have one! In addition, the extendable canopy also provides UPF 50+ solar protection which is perfect for our weather here in Singapore!

In conclusion, I just love this stroller, and so do my husband! This is probably the only stroller you need as you can also purchase the 0+ seat for your infant which is a flat carry cot  with 3 different propping position facing you. And when they have outgrow it, change it to the 6+ seat like above. All within the same stroller frame! There are also many wonderful accessories like car seat adapters, travel bag, insect net and even cup hold and specially designed parasols!

If you are wondering where did we purchase our stroller from, we got it from Toddle, an specialty online store (click here). We figured that having this big item delivered right to our door step is the best and most convenient way rather than buying it from a retail store and having to lug it home ourselves. They offer free delivery and also currently giving away one Wubbanub Infant Pacifier of your choice with every purchase of Babyzen Yoyo+ stroller! Just add the design of your choice into your shopping cart and it will automatically be waived off!

For more information about Babyzen Yoyo+ check out their website here! And also other mummies' reviews at Life's Tiny Miracles and MakingMum!

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  1. Love your post and really a class stroller i have to admit. The YOYO plus is really "life" changer!