Monday, July 11, 2016

Coen Xie - 10 Weeks Worth of Cuteness

Day 3 - Home from the hospital

Day 4 - She looks for him first thing in the morning :)

Day 5 - "I am hungry"

Day 6 - Awwww

Day 7 - "Oh yay 1 week old!"

Day 8 - Grandparents :)

Day 9 - Great grandma :)

Day 11 - "Happy birthday daddy!"

Day 13 - My favorite photo of Coen!

Day 14 - Another pair of proud grandparents :)

Day 14 - "Check out my biceps mum!"

Day 21 - "3 Weeks Old!"

Day 28 - Dreaming of milk

Day 29 - "Twinning in our PJs"

Day 33 - "Always sleepy"

Day 39 - "I love bath time!"

Snuggy lil' one

Day 41 - "I am strong!"

Day 42 - "Big Boss" #DOTS

Day 42 - Milk Party!

Day 50: Visitation from the lovely church nursery's workers

Day 56: "8 weeks old and trying to do that dance"

Day 57 - "Which book should I be looking at?"

Day 57: "Trying to catch up on my own reading"

Day 59 - "Milk Drunk"

Day 67 - I can stare at this face forever

Day 70: "Loading up on my vitamins!"

As you can see, I have not updated anything about Coen apart from his birth story (read here) and Full Month Party (read here). So, here are all his photos for the past 10 weeks! It has been crazy at home with a flu bug that has been lingering for 2 whole months and then topping it off with Coen hospitalized due to bronchitis. I am finding a little hard to blog regularly, though I have a lot of content to publish! If you want to catch up on what's been going on, you can find us on instagram and snapchat "jaymeshing"! See you guys there!

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  1. You little bunny is adorable and his big sister is as cute as him. Lovely pictures, Kids just melt my heart. It is just amazing how day by day they grow up into adults.