Friday, June 10, 2016

Coen Xie - Baby Shower/ Full Month Party

22 May 2016
Time flies, as I typed this, Coen is already 7th week old and its been almost a month since his full month/ baby shower party. There has been a lot going on at home since he arrived, with a flu bug that going around at home for the past month (and still lingering!), PD visits, and then a recent bout of the awful mastitis for myself. I will update this blog with lots of adorable photos of Coen in my next entry!

Coen's full month party was thankfully not as tiring as I expected, probably because given that we had 3 parties in the past 2 years, we are getting used to what the preparations and aftermath of a party feels like. We were more efficient this time with the logistics, and I also kept the decorations and dessert table very minimal and smilar to Zoe's 1st birthday party as the location was the same. I wanted to brainstorm something different, but given the lack of sleep this was the best I could do.

We had two sessions that day; lunch reception for our families and a tea reception for our friends. After being confined for a month, I honestly felt excited to be able come into contact with so many of our loved ones and being able to catch up with them. One month feels really long if you are at home feeding round the clock! So, thank you everyone who took time to come celebrate the arrival of our son, and for all the lovely gifts! We are blessed by your friendship!

Be back soon!


  1. Baby showers are parties that are organized specially for the mother-to-be and the baby that is to come. These parties are actually a lot of fun.

  2. Great tip for baby shower party. A lot of moms will surely love this theme. Super classy and beautiful.

  3. Nice collection of photos! So perfectly captured the baby shower and its reflecting the excitement that you all enjoyed well. Specially both your little once are looking very cute!

  4. Great article. thanks for sharing :)