Monday, May 23, 2016

Pigeon - Slide Steam Sterilizer & Compact Steam Sterilizer [Review]

Growing up in a big family with 3 other younger siblings, it is no surprise that Pigeon has always been a brand that is familiar to me before I became a mother. It was common to see Pigeon products like wet wipes, laundry detergent, toothpaste etc lying around at home when I was a kid. It was a brand my mum went for when she needed to buy all sorts of baby care products for us. In fact, I just read that Pigeon was founded since 1957 (59 years ago!), not surprising that it is a trusted mother and baby care products then and now.

And now that I myself have become a mother, my house too has Pigeon products lying around for both myself and for my kids. And recently, I found our favorite product from Pigeon which is too good not to share! Here's introducing the Pigeon Slide Steam Sterilizer and Pigeon Compact Steam Sterilizer!

Pigeon Slide Steam Sterilizer
I never knew there could be a perfect sterilizer, because after using 2 other brands previously, they were all pretty much the same. But this Pigeon Slide Steam Sterilizer has won me over completely,  and is not just my favorite, but it has also become my husband and even my confinement lady's favorite sterilizer. So what makes this sterilizer so special and different from the rest? Well, because it is the world's 1st slide open sterilizer! And I get excited just by typing that!

Previously, I used to open the lid of the sterilizer very carefully making sure that the water from the sterilizing doesn't drip all over, and then pouring the water from the lid into the washing sink before I put the lid down. For all the parents out there who have used sterilizers, you will know how annoying it can be when you open your sterilizer lid and all the water starts dripping onto yourself or your table top. And worse still, if you opened it right after it has finished sterilizing, you risk getting scalded from the water when you open it! But right now, I just need to slide open the sterilizer to retrieve my bottles or accessories without a single drop of water landing on me or my table top! How brilliant!!

Besides that key feature, I also like that it takes only 6 minutes to get everything sterilized. After pumping at midnight, I can grab a snack while waiting for the sterilization to be done, and then collect my pump accessories back to my room so that I do not have to make an extra trip to the kitchen at 3am or 5am to get them for my next pumping session. In addition, after the sterilizing is done, it has an auto shut down feature to conserve energy and ensure safety too.

If you are wondering about the size, the slide steam sterilizer can hold up to 8 wide neck bottles and accessories, and comes with a 360 rotary swivel knob for convenience and easy access to your items. For more features of the slide steam sterilizer, you can click here to read or check out the video below!

Pigeon Slide Steam Sterilizer can be purchased at the following outlets with the retail price of S$189.

Isetan (Scotts, Parkway Parade, Serangoon Nex)
OG (Albert, People's Park, Orchard)
Motherswork (Great World City)
BHG (Bugis Junction)
Robinsons (All Outlets)

Pigeon Compact Steam Sterilizer
Besides having the slide steam sterilizer at home, we also needed another one to place at my mother-in-law's place for the days she needs to care for Coen. As she only needs to sterilize his milk bottle, she doesn't really need a huge one as compared to ours at home where I have my pump accessories and extra bottles. Hence when we saw that Pigeon offers a Compact Steam Sterilizer, we knew this would be perfect for her!

Just look at how slim and compact it is, I took a measuring tape to measure and it is only 33.5cm x 9cm! (which is just slightly taller than a 1.5 litre bottled drink!) And I love that it is also very light-weight - weighing at only 700grams for a sterilizer! This is a perfect choice when I go traveling with Coen! (That is if we ever have the courage to bring 2 kids on a holiday in the near near future). I remembered using sterilizing tablets when I was pumping on a holiday without Zoe, and it was really troublesome. So this is definitely coming along with me when I go for my next holiday!

And just yesterday when we celebrated Coen's full month party, we also brought this along to sterilize his bottles! It was sitting nicely at a corner looking so sleek! Extremely convenient for events like this!

Here is how the inside of the sterilizer looks like - fitting two wide-neck milk bottles in the bottle chamber and other accessories in the blue accessory case. The compartments are also interchangeable to allow you to sterilize according to your needs. Similarly to the Slide Steam Sterilizer, it also has the automatic switch off feature that powers down after each sterilization cycle. (Read here for more product details)

Pigeon Compact Steam Sterilizer is available at major departmental stores, baby speciality stores and selected hypermarkets with the retail Price of S$79.90.

Having said all, I think what made these two products stood out, especially the Slide Steam Sterilizer was that it was inspired by mums. It makes a whole lot of difference when mother and baby care products are designed from the perspective of a mother. These mother and baby care products are always safe to use, but its the little things that only parents who use them on a regular basis know how sometimes we wish they could just tweak the product feature a little to make it a truly perfect God-sent product for a parent.

Hope this product review is helpful if you are looking to get a sterilizer!

Disclaimer: We were sponsored with the above products from Pigeon for the purpose of this review. All opinions in this entry are 100% mine.


  1. Good to know about the pigeon compact! Would be great if u share some more baby products that are suitable and easily available.
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  2. Hi! Any idea whether the slide steam sterilizer is compatible with other brands bottles such as Tommee Tippee?

    1. Hi Izzah Jasni,

      If you use Tommee Tippee Bottles, you can use Tommee Tippee Electric Bottle Sterilizer.It is compatible. This will help you to work smoothly. We are using this sterilizer. well work for me and read more review here


  3. Hi! Any idea whether the slide steam sterilizer is compatible with other brands bottles such as Tommee Tippee?

    1. Hi! I am not too sure if its compatitable with Tommee Tippee, but we are using Dr Brown bottles and they fit well into it :)

  4. Hi Mama, can the compact steriliser fit in pump flanges?

  5. Hi Mama, can the compact steriliser fit in pump flanges?

    1. Hi YL! I am using Medela pump and its flanges can fit into the compact sterilizer, with a bit of squeezing and positioning! Hope this helps!