Friday, April 8, 2016

Zoe's 2nd Birthday Party (Part 2)

2nd April 2016 - Zoe turned 2! In my previous entry on Zoe's 2nd Birthday - Part 1 (Read here), I mentioned that I have not really felt that much about her hitting this milestone, but I guess after blogging it, it did hit me after all! I was just looking at her newborn photos the other day, and gosh how did she even grow to be this big under my watchful eye everyday!

So on her actual day which nicely falls on a Saturday, we held a small party at home with a few of our friends and their kids! This year we were supposed to keep it real small with the initial plan of just celebrating it with our families, but I got carried away (as usual) and decided to go for a tiny tiny party for Zoe as she has always love birthday celebrations! Thankfully the husband did not object to the idea and did such a fantastic job in prepping the whole house for it. (Read about Zoe's 1st Birthday party here)

In the end what seemed like a tiny tiny party ended up with quite a lot of preparations as we have to accommodate about 16 adults and 8 kids in our small apartment! Though the party idea came from me, but my husband did 90% of the job - these include re arranging the furniture for space, coming up with the idea of having 2 playrooms and setting them up, ordering the food and preparing the drinks, picking up the cake, balloons, utensils and other logistics, making sure the whole place was well-ventilated, and even coming up with a special playlist for the party! Oh and not forgetting cleaning up after the party and showering Zoe after that! Yours truly only did the very minimal decorations, packing the goodie bags and choosing the cake, opps!

And what made me felt so loved was that after the whole day has ended, the birthday girl has finally slept and the house back to its normal arrangements and sparkling clean, he asked me sincerely "did you enjoy yourself? are you happy?" Awwww. And I was already on the bed all showered ready to crash while he was just done with household matters! I am so glad I married this man.

So here we go - photos of the party below!

This year for Zoe's birthday goodie bag, we were very blessed to be sponsored by Pigeon Singapore! Each bag has a pair of training chopstick for toddler, a toothbrush, a tube of either grape or strawberry flavored toothpaste, a box of biscuit and a drink! We are so glad that both parents and kids love it! (I think the parents are happier than the kids!) Thank you Pigeon!

Here's Zoe fresh from her 2 hours nap. Planning a kids party with happy kids around is about timing! Either you have it early like 1030am and do a lunch party, or have it in the late afternoon when the kids are up from afternoon nap. Having a kids party between 1 to 3pm just doesn't work as you end up with tired kids who are cranky and parents whisking them off before you even cut the cake!

"Hey daddy, I am a big girl now, let me go!"

As the party was in the late afternoon, we kept the food simple and light. We catered for small bites from our favorite Delifrance! (Check out their party delights here) Our orders include their mini cheese and bacon croissants, mini quiches, assorted sandwiches in croissants and baguettes, classic madeleines, and fruit tarts! My husband was so glad we had leftovers from the party and could eat them for the next couple of days! hahaha!

"oh wow mum, these madeleines are so tasty!" She chomped down 2 that day!

Like I mentioned in my previous entry, its a fair thing this year where both Zoe and myself will get to choose her birthday cake! I mean, its also mama's birthday right? - surviving 2 years of motherhood! And plus this is probably my last year choosing her birthday cake as I can foresee Peppa Pig, Hi-5 or Minnie Mouse cake for the next 7 years? So for this party, my choice of cake was a white cake with pretty flowers! (Erm, I am always about white cake! as you can tell from Zoe's 1st birthday party here). To save cost, I ordered from a normal bakery one rainbow cake and requested it to have no designs at all, and then have my florist friend Joanna from Floral Magic to decorate it that day! It turned out so pretty - and a lot cheaper than customizing it from a hipster baker!

Husband said Zoe looks confused when she saw the cake, as she probably expected another Minnie Mouse cake like last week. HAHA! Sorry baby, flowers work for you too right? hehe!

My favorite photo of her that day :)

It's getting harder to make her look into the camera as she would intentionally look away! (Not good news for a mummy blogger!!) But anyway, I was relieved we managed to get at least two decent shots of us three!

Below are some photos with our friends, thank you for coming and bringing the kiddos! Thanks for all the presents as well! Hope everyone had fun, xx!

Big thank you again Jo! For the pretty flowers on the cake! :-*
PS: What a feat to get this shot of everyone looking at the camera!!!

I guess she isn't bothered by the design of the cake as long as she gets to eat it! hahaha

Hope you had a blast babe!

Dear Zoe, mama still can't believe you have turned 2 already and these 2 years have felt so long but yet so short at the same time. I basically can't remember what my life was like before you came along and I probably did not miss it much because I am happy and contented everyday when I see you. Its been two years but every night I still find myself watching your videos just before I turned in, because I have already missed you right after putting you to bed. (That sounds a little crazy, but I am sure I am not the only mum who feels this way?). 2 years and I still can't get enough of you.

You definitely brought a lot of joy and life to our family, and not forgetting teaching your dad and I many life lessons that we couldn't have learned it elsewhere. Though mama here is a little anxious about the changes coming up, I know deep down we will do just fine with this transition. I can't wait to see you take on your big sister's role in a month's time, because I know you are going to do great in caring and loving your lil' brother. I love you Zoe, you will always be our baby no matter how many birthdays you celebrate :)

Love, Mama


  1. Zoe's 2nd Birthday Party looks outstanding. Love all these party arrangements. Truly, it was such a great party. My niece’s 6th birthday party last month was also very enjoyable. Organized it at one of venues in Los Angeles and everyone loved arrangements.