Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Zoe's 2nd Birthday - Part 3 (School Party)

8th April 2016

If you have missed my previous entries, I mentioned that we were supposed to have Zoe's birthday celebration in school last week but had to cancel due to a HFMD situation. I was disappointed because it's her 1st time celebrating in school and I was looking forward to it pretty much! Thankfully, we have not ordered her birthday cake because the husband in his exact words "what if the school had to closed that week? Lets order the cake when the date is nearer". PHEW.

The celebration was postponed to a week later and it was really special because it was a joint celebration with our friend's son Benjy who was born 1 day apart and in the same hospital with Zoe! We are very thankful for this family because we shifted to the same estate together, gave birth to our kids in the same hospital, and watch them grow up together with many play dates in between these 2 years! And now they are both schooling in the same preschool!

It was also nostalgic watching Zoe blew off the candles from the Mickey Minnie Mouse cake. I remembered celebrating my birthday in my early preschool days and the cake my mother chose was also a Mickey Mouse cake with green icing border! Real coincidental and wow, mickey really is popular after soooooo many years huh!

Besides the celebration, we were really glad to meet all of Zoe's classmates who were all so well behaved that day! We turned up after their afternoon nap to a sight of 12 kids seated quietly at the table waiting for us. And even when the cake was brought out, they remained very calm and seated down with no one attempting to come close to the cake to check it out! And all of them just sat there throughout the whole celebration and ate their cake with no fuss at all. My husband and I were really impressed and thankful to have spend some time knowing these kids and watching them interact with one another!

Alright, so that's it for Zoe's 2nd Birthday! If you missed the previous 2 part you can click here and here to read it!

I will be back soon with our maternity and family photo shoot photos next! Check back again!

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