Sunday, April 17, 2016

Maternity + Family Photoshoot

Second time taking maternity shots, but this time was definitely special when we have Zoe around. I was actually contemplating for quite some time if I should have these photos taken as I was really tired in my third trimester and I wasn't inspired much at where or how we should take these photos. But, I am so glad we went ahead with it in the end because I know these photos will mean a lot to me a few years down the road when baby #2 is all grown up. Every pregnancy is different, and I am really glad these would remind me of how this whole 9 months had been for me in the big and small ways.

I remembered shooting our first maternity photo shoot, and it was such an adventure because we drove aimlessly to look for a place to shoot, trying to capture the bump in a most flattering way possible, and also trying to call it a day soon as the heat was so unbearable. Oh and how can I forget to mention that we ended the day with a minor car accident! But anyway, that aside, these photos mean so much to me now because  they reminded me of how the husband and I felt - excited and anxious as parents-to-be to welcome our firstborn. Memories of us going through the whole pregnancy, shifting into a place of our own and getting ready for the arrival of Zoe. Life was so different back then with just the two of us. (click here to view our first maternity shoot)

So, shooting the above photos were definitely a different experience and with a different set of emotions. It was a little challenging when our toddler is in this stage where she doesn't really like the camera as much. Just to get her to smile or stand still with us took a thousand pleas and food bribes, and by the time she was ready, both the husband and I have already lost that "moment" to smile. But well, we make do with what we had and at least we have some decent shots!

Of course, I must also give credit (again) to my wonderful one and only sister who shot these for us. We know she has been really busy with her work (working till almost midnight everyday!) but yet she willingly and gladly came all the way to our neighborhood on one precious weekend to shoot these for us. Thank you SX, you are the best, and I can't imagine my life without you!

As I type this, I am at week 37 (these were taken in week 32), bump has grown exceptionally big and the husband has been losing his shirts and shorts to me. Life last week had been full of anxiety not knowing when I will go into labor, and worrying about the things that probably wouldn't matter eventually. I will update more this week on my last pregnancy update, so keep a look out for it!

"To be pregnant is to be vitally alive, thoroughly woman, and distressingly inhabited. Soul and spirit stretched - along with body - making pregnancy a time of transition, growth and profound beginnings." - Anne Christian.


  1. Weeee...! Anytime now, Jaymee! Just enjoy the last few weeks with the baby bump and soon, you'll be holding the little bub in your arms! Have a smooth delivery!! 😘

  2. Thanks Cindy! Joining you in the "2" club soon! :)

  3. Love your photos! I can imagine how tough it was getting Zoe to take the photos with you, because we had a tough time with Noah too. He kept running off to look at the peacocks!