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Breathe Pilates - Preggi Bellies (Prenatal Class)

Happy midweek guys! Sharing this on the blog today about my journey with Breathe Pilates, which I am currently doing my prenatal Pilates at! If you have been following my blog for some time, it probably might ring a bell because I was also with them during my 1st pregnancy for a good 5 months of weekly classes! You can read about my previous entry about them here!

A short introduction of Breathe Pilates - They are an established Pilates studio that offers a range of classes from rehabilitative to fitness classes both in private and group sessions. They also have physiotherapy classes that offers solutions to back pain, sports injury, ligament, muscle and tendon strains and even headaches. And of course they offer prenatal pilates which i am attending, as well as post natal sessions that incorporates both mum and baby! If you have been wanting to try Pilates but not too sure which category to fit in, they also offer beginners classes too.

They have 4 studios which you can have your sessions at - Novena Medical Center, Parkway Center (East Coast), Galaxis (Buona Vista) and their newly opened studio at Camden (Orchard).

And of course in this entry, I am going to talk about my experience doing prenatal Pilates. As mentioned that I did 5 months of Pilates during my 1st pregnancy, I was a total convert that it certainly did me good especially during the delivery. I remembered telling myself that all these classes (and money spent!) would better show its results when I am pushing, and it did because I felt my core muscles working! Who knew that under that huge bump I could still feel my core muscles! After the first push, the midwife was exclaiming "very good!", and with just 2-3 pushes Zoe was out! It happened so fast that I was taken by surprise as many mummies told me the pushing could take up to 1 hour or more and I was prepared for the long haul!

So this time round when I found out I was pregnant, going back to Pilates was definitely something that was on my mind. Even my husband was asking me to go back to these classes! But, going back to classes were a little difficult this time round when I have to make plans for Zoe to be taken care of for 1 hour and caring for a toddler and not to mention the daily walking her to and fro school has already taken a toll on me physically.

So though I didn't have the luxury to have 5 months of classes this time round as my Saturdays were spent sending Zoe to Heguru and could only start when Zoe had ceased going for her classes, I tell myself it's never too late to start! And at week 28, I went for my first session!

And it was so good to be back! These sessions are always a combination where you get to stretch to the fullest and at the same time developing your arms muscles, glute, butt muscles, core muscles etc. And when you are so pregnant, a good stretch really does help a lot. I am not talking about lifting your hands as high as you can, or trying to touch your toes kind of stretch (its also impossible to touch your toes when you have a huge bump in front!), but these stretching sessions with the reformer (the machine I am on) helps you to open your chest, hips, pelvic, side and back muscles which is so "shiok" and it makes me sleep better that night too.

Well, am I tired after each session? Yes and no. Yes because there are some sessions that really "killed" me. All the photos you see seemed like I am really having an easy time just holding on to the reformer. But in each reformer there are different intensity of springs to determine the "weight" you are pulling or pushing. Sometimes I find my hands trembling with the weight I am pulling! And there are other routines (which are usually the unglam positions that you don't see here) that works on the muscles you never knew you could still develop while being pregnant!

Even though I leave each session with my arms and legs like jelly, but mentally I do feel refreshed. There are days I really feel like giving the session a miss because of a really tiring week of work and caring for Zoe, but after an hour of each session, I feel my mind gets more energized and also feel better that I am keeping myself fit even when I am feeling like a whale!

The above is just one of the routine we do that help develop your glute, thigh, butt and arm muscles. Half squatting and at the same time pulling the two straps to work on your arm muscles. I may look really calm here, but trust me it is one of those that I bit my lip and endure the counting of 1-10!

So happy to be reunited back with SK!

One of the main concern about keeping fit during pregnancy is definitely safety. Doing prenatal Pilates with a good instructor helps to eliminate that fear of overdoing it. There were some positions during the Pilates that surprises me because of its difficulty when I am pregnant, but knowing that I am in good hands help to push me over my mental limitations.

Not forgetting that one of the best thing about joining these sessions with Breathe Pilates are that even though its a group session, the group is small with only maximum of 4 at one session. Hence, this small group environment enable the instructor to give each one of us the attention to correct our posture and alignment.

Now that I am already in my week 35 and with just a couple more sessions to go, I think i will miss it when it ends! Hopefully I find time to be back for their post natal classes and give you readers another update of how it is :)

For more information on their schedules, classes and class rates etc, you can visit their website here!

Disclaimer: I was sponsored by Breathe Pilates for my 2nd pregnancy and receive no other monetary compensation. All opinions are 100% mine.

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