Thursday, March 31, 2016

Zoe's 2nd Birthday (Part 1)

Love this photo of my dad and Zoe :)

27th March 2016
Birthday week of our lil' one has started! These days past by so quickly with the pregnancy that I hardly have much time to even realize or feel how surreal it is once again that I am celebrating Zoe's birthday. Probably the feeling might hit when the actual day arrives?

This year's celebration for her is going to be kept simple but yet not too simple as we really want her to feel all the love from us before we get busy with baby number 2. We had the first round of celebration for her with both sides of grandparents and my hub's godparents last Sunday, with just a simple dinner at our place and an extremely pink Minnie Mouse & Daisy cake which Zoe had chosen. Bringing her out the other day to choose her cake was probably one of the cutest thing. She spent quite a bit of time looking at all the different designs of the cake ( 16 designs of Mickey and friends, 5 designs of Barney, 8 designs of Dora the Explorer) before finally picking the design she wanted. Obviously the cake was not what I had in mind for her, but since she was going to have 3 celebrations this year, we will all have a fair chance of picking out the cake, hahaha.

If you have viewed the video above, you would have seen how excited she was during the celebration and how loudly she sang along with everyone. I honestly did not expect that reaction from her, and I was feeling so amused watching her clap her hands so enthusiastically and singing at the top of her lungs! Of course, she had a go at the birthday cake this year, a vast difference from her fruit cake last year (click here to read about last year's birthday fruit cake, literally).

  We are supposed to have the 2nd celebration tomorrow in her school which I was really quite looking forward to. But unfortunately there had been an HFMD outbreak since Monday, which we have since kept her at home for precautionary measures. Hence the party will be postponed till the situation improves or worst case cancelling it :( So, the next party for her will be on her actual day this Saturday with a few our of close friends and their kiddos, and here's fingers crossed that we can manage the party at our tiny home!

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