Friday, March 4, 2016

Valentine's Day 2016

12 February 2016
Valentine's Day this year was spent in advance where we brought Zoe out together with us. I know it kind of should have been just been the husband and I, but we just... wanted to bring her along with us! hahaha.

Started off the day with brunch at Wild Honey, which could never go wrong with brunches. The portion is huge and every bit of the food is always so good. We stuck to our same orders of The English breakfast and Tunisian set, and have always loved it! Would recommend the outlet at Scotts Square if you have kids, because they are much more spacious than the one at Mandarin Gallery and a lot brighter too with the huge full lengths balcony doors!

We then spent the afternoon running some errands and then having hi-tea at Movenpick Heritage Hotel Sentosa. I have always loved the vibes of Sentosa because it just gives me a feeling that I am on vacation! Touristy place but away from the hustle and bustle of city life! The hi-tea was not too bad, we had mini macaroons, tea cakes, pretty good scones, savory sandwiches and of course Movenpick ice-cream! Zoe had a blast at hi-tea, she had a lot of her "firsts" for sweet treats! She ate the entire scone (check out her grin in the photos), grabbed a mini macaroon and took a bite before we could react, and had her very first taste at ice-cream! She was probably the happiest that day during the hi-tea, hahaha.

I have also received a beautiful bouquet from the husband this year, which made my heart all fluffy. If you know me, flowers are the way to my heart :) And somehow, I felt a little more this year as we celebrate Valentine's Day, perhaps because we are about to welcome another baby into the family and I know things are going to be forever changed once again. But nevertheless, this man still remains to be consistently sweet and dependable nonetheless, and I know we will be fine and if not happier with the next big transition!

Will update on my pregnancy next! Just 9 more weeks or less to go! *Gasp!*

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