Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Toddle - Specialty Online Shop for Babies & Kids [Review]

Any mums out there whom like me find it hard to make it out to the streets to shop? If you are, then online shopping is probably where you get most of your stuff! But yet finding the right shop online can be a little tricky. Besides checking out the products the shop offers, you want to be sure that what they offer are of good quality, lasting, and true to its description.

And, this leads me to introducing Toddle! And I love the story behind this shop!

" We started Toddle because we were tired of seeing friends and relatives purchase baby and kids products which do not work as intended, that break down easily, or were just plain unsafe. We believe that shopping the best products should not be a chore, and your time is better invested in caring for your child, rather than filtering from the junk out there."

Absolutely true to that, because there were a few times we had to do trial and error on many brands before finding that right one for Zoe, and it was such a waste of time and money! Its either they do not work as well as we thought they would, or there were just certain components that as parent we personally felt were not as safe as it said it was for kids usage. So, knowing that Toddle offers only products after careful selection was a huge plus for me!

Ordering from Toddle was a breeze, and I love how comprehensive the whole product page is where there are different kind of information for me to read before deciding if this is the right one to purchase. Besides having good visuals of the product, I can find plenty of details like highlights of the product, customer review, delivery details, and even their special Toddle Tags where they tag the product with their own evaluation using a cute abbreviation - SHINE. You can read more about the Toddle tag here.

And these are what I picked out for Zoe from Toddle!

If you follow me on Instagram (@jaymeshing), you will know that Zoe has been into puzzles lately and we were blessed with a handful of Melissa & Doug ones which I absolutely love it! They are made of wood and each pieces are specially handcrafted! I was mighty glad that Toddle has a huge range of Melissa & Doug puzzles to choose from, and to up the challenge for Zoe, I picked the "Melissa & Doug Magnetic Pattern Block Set"! Its actually suitable for age 3 onwards due to the small parts, so you just have to ensure proper supervision when your child is playing with it.

They have many different geometric pictures that your child can pick from!

Simply slot the picture into the wooden magnetic board and your child can start piecing the magnetic geometric shapes on them!

I love how colorful the 120 magnetic patterns are, and besides the usual shapes like triangles and squares, these also come in trapeziums, hexagons and rhombuses!

More than just identifying the shapes and piecing them, I like it that it also trains her further in her fine motor skills. Zoe has to put it rather accurately on the picture without a border guide like the puzzles that she has been playing, so this definitely makes it more challenging for her!

The next item I picked was - Oxo Tot Fork and Spoon Set. We already have one set of this, and we love it! I have been wanting to get another set of it so that we don't have to keep rotating one set for home use and dining out. Initially, Zoe was using the usual BPA free plastic spoons, but we realized that she likes to bite on them causing it be worn out rather quickly. So we decided to get these stainless steel ones for durability sake!

Introducing a stainless steel fork also means Zoe can use it to eat her fruits. She loves fruits, and can eat two portions of them everyday. Oxo Tot fork is safe to use as it has no sharp edges but yet effective fork tines still. A plastic fork would be quite difficult to poke through them, so I am glad we can leave her on her own to eat them without much fuss.

And I also got these cute little Peppa Pig books for her which she loves it! I like it that these come in hard cover and pages! Very important for toddler and parents if you want to still read the book 1 week later without having to tape the torn out pieces!

I didn't ask her to pose for this, she was really super engrossed in the books!

And of course, we have a special discount code for you readers out there! Simply sign up an account with Toddle and code "jayme15" for a 15% discount for purchases above $70! In addition, they also offer free delivery for orders above $70!

Discount code will valid till 31st March 2016! Happy Shopping!

Disclaimer: "We were gifted shopping credits from Toddle to purchase the above products and received no monetary compensation. All opinions in this entry are 100% mine.

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