Thursday, March 10, 2016

Pregnancy Update: Week 31 (Really?!)

 Twinning with our knit stripes outfit at Week 23

 Week 25 in our denims and white top

Week 27, it was tough dressing up for CNY this year as I couldn't find anytime to shop with Zoe around. Even online shopping was hard as there wasn't much that I could fit in!

This week at week 31! I think my bump looks a lot sharper than when I had Zoe!

Its been about 2 months since my last pregnancy update, and right now I am officially in my third trimester approaching the 8th month mark! How time flies! Thinking back, I was still complaining how slow everyday is during the early vomiting stages of my pregnancy, and could hardly wait to deliver and be done with being pregnant. Now, all I want is to probably take back those words and wish time could go slower or if not then please let me carry this baby till at least week 39+ and not be any earlier like when I had Zoe at week 38 and was scrambling to iron my clothes and pack my hospital bag with a water bag that had just burst.

But anyway I will definitely pack my bag at week 35 this time round. Not gonna take any more chances especially when I am walking and moving around so much everyday and chances are I really might just go into labor early.

To conclude how things had been the past two months, well I had a terrific second trimester at about week 16 after my morning sickness cease, and felt that my inspiration and energy came right back and I could just kept going on day after day to juggle everything and even do a pop up for Lil Rain Kids. I was often up past midnight to work on different things - blogging, Lil' Rain Kids, replying emails etc. But once I entered into week 28, it was like a drastic change in my energy level. I really felt the "third trimester fatigue" everyday, and even before Zoe was in bed, I was already yawning and could hardly open my eyes. These days, I am in bed before 11pm and no matter how much I sleep, it seemed like never enough for me. And plus, my pubic bones are hurting me so much (hormones making the ligaments loose), I have difficulty wearing my bottoms or even climbing onto the bed. So painful! Oh and welcome back bloated-ness, I clearly do not miss you at all :(

Just last week, it suddenly dawned upon me that I still have a ton of work left to finish before I pop - work meaning some nesting projects at home that I really need to finish, new designs for Lil' Rain Kids, a train of blogging assignments, arrangements for Zoe during my confinement period, work handover etc. Honestly speaking, though this is my 2nd time going through this, but the uncertainty and stress level is definitely higher than the 1st. I am really unprepared for D day, and last week I find myself kind of overwhelmed and tearing up a bit, so hopefully with the next few weeks, I get to clear some things out of my plate and feel a little more ready.

We will be doing a really casual maternity/ family photo shoot this weekend, hopefully we get good lighting, cooperative and happy toddler (and husband) for the shoot and that the photos will turn out decent! Meanwhile, you can view our the last maternity shoot that I had 2 years back in this link!

Happy weekend people!


  1. How fast time flies! And yes, I went through similar feelings when I was preggers with Leroy too.. From feeling that it was so slow, to trying to maximise whatever time I had to do stuff, and then realising that he was due anytime! Enjoy the bump while you can! And you might have heard this a zillion times... Do try to sleep n rest whenever you can now! :p
    Btw, will you be opting for natural birth? I was diagnosed with pubic symptasis after delivery.. The pubic bones moved :(
    Do take care! Can't wait to see your little one! :)

    1. Hey Cindy, yes time flies! Baby has been moving a lot and I am feeling so uncomfortable from the punches and kicks! Yes i am opting for natural birth! Ohhh let me read up on that!! Tht sounds painful! Did u have painful pubic bones during your pregnancy?

  2. Hello! Can i ask where do you get your preggy clothings??
    I had a hard time getting suitable ones now especially i am 24 weeks pregnany now.

  3. Hi Abby,

    Congrats on your pregnancy! I didn't get any maternity clothing, I am wearing my pre pregnancy dresses or tops that are larger or stretchable.. For the bottoms I buy stretchable shorts or pants :) You can try Cotton On, they have dresses that are stretchy!