Thursday, February 25, 2016

Chinese New Year 2016 - Day 2, 13, 14

 We figured she looks way too cute in this cheongsam on day 1 that she has to wear it again to my parents place the next day!

MIL's Braised Duck with Sea Cucumber!

Brother's Salted Egg Yolk Pork Chop!

9 February 2016
Second day of Chinese New Year, we started our day at my in-laws place and then to my husband's godparents place for lunch. We dressed Zoe in her pink oriental outfit from last year and were surprised that she still fits into it! Though, I am not a fan of pink but I must say she looks so sweet in it! hahaha.

After lunch, we rushed back home to let her have her 1.5 hours afternoon nap, which was very essential if you do not want a cranky kid at any house visitation! Though we were really tight for time, but the inconvenience of going home to change her out and put her down for her nap were all worth it when she was in her best spirits at my parents' place afterwards. There were about 15 other of my relatives there and initially I was quite afraid that she is going to be all sticky to us, but she was the total opposite of what I had expected. She laughed, smiled, interacted, engaged everyone there and melted all their hearts! Felt like a proud mama!!

We then ended the day with dinner at my husband's maternal family! To sit through an 8 course dinner with a toddler is always challenging, but that night she managed to sit still without fuss and eat her food till the 2nd last course, and it was such a huge relief!

Also included Day 13 and Day 14 of CNY into this entry. We had another round of dinner with Jiahao's maternal family at Kai Garden. The food was great (forgot to take photos!), the service was awesome, and I love how we could accommodate two huge tables into one single private room and still have plenty of space to walk around and park two baby strollers. Day 14, we hosted both our families over for dinner with a small steamboat and cooked dishes from my MIL and brother. It has become a yearly affair and I am so thankful that both sides of our families have good relationship with one another :)

So, this is pretty much how our Chinese New Year this year went by. CNY has always been my favorite time of the year because I grow up soaking in this festive season and busy with all the visiting from day to night with my family. Now that things are different with my grandparents passing and that I am now married, I do hope to set some of my own traditions at home where my kids would remember as they grow up. But first, let the kids grow up a little more first before we get them rolling! And a pity that this year had been a really short one with just 2 days, which makes me look forward to next year where we get 3 consecutive days of celebration again! (And Yes, I have already checked next year's date, that's how much I like CNY!)

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