Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Merry Christmas 2015!

"Hey I want to be part of the photo"

My favorite present under the tree :)

 Yummy spread by the hubs and I!

 Extremely thankful for my in-laws! Love them so much!

 "Lets start with the Toy S Rus ones first, I am sure they are good stuff!"

 "Ohhh I really like this!"

"Ahh can it be Christmas everyday?!"

25th December 2015
Clearing some backlog entries... and here's one on how we celebrate Christmas! It's of the most wonderful time of the year and my next favorite beside Chinese New Year (which is coming soon in a month's time!). This is Zoe's second Christmas with us and now that she is already 1.5yo, she has better awareness of what it is and have been going around (even till today) saying "Merry Cremas" to us randomly like after waving bye to us or even before hanging up the phone with her grandparents! Cutest Christmas greeting I have ever heard!

We started Christmas this year in church, which is also the best place to start this special day! Candlelight service is the probably the most looked forward service in the entire year, and it was as usual beautiful, stunning, heartfelt and everything pretty.

Christmas day also marks the 8th year since the husband and I dated, so we went for a good lunch after church at Ruth Chris Steakhouse, which was a perfect decision that day. It was so empty and quiet; only 3 tables filled including us, attentive service; waitress noticed that I was pregnant and asked if I needed a cushion for my back, and of course they served really awesome steak and mac and cheese! We walked out of the restaurant really satisfied, and happy!

That night we had our traditional Christmas dinner with my in-laws, and together with the hubs we cooked everything on the table! There were chilli crab with mantou, shepherd's pie, meatballs, mushroom soup and some finger food. Highlight of the night was of course the opening up of presents! It was a delight to see Zoe's face lit up with excitement at every gift she unwrapped, so thank you uncles and aunties for your generosity!

Hope you peeps had a wonderful Christmas!

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