Monday, December 28, 2015

Pregnancy Update: Week 21 + Gender Reveal + A Big Scare

Sorry for my lack of updates in this space! Its been a very very busy time for us at home; being pregnant, taking care of the lil' babe, work and also the recent launch of our kids apparel online store - Lil' Rain Kids! (Which I will blog more about it soon, but meanwhile you can check us out here!)

Twinning outfit at Week 16!

The good news about this update will be that my morning sickness has finally ceased at about week 16. HALLELUJAHHHHHH! And together with it, my bloatedness and gastric reflux has also subsided significantly. I can now eat normally, think about food without gagging, and finally start taking my prenatal supplements consistently. Whooohoo!

Crossing the midway mark also means finding out the gender of baby number 2! And, we are expecting a BOY! Whooopppeee! Though honestly I wouldn't mind another girl, especially since my sister and I had such strong bonds, and having a pair of girls would mean a shot of seeing Zoe and her sister being BFFs... but deep down, my husband and I also kind of knew that baby #2 would be a boy. Besides our own confirmation, we had 2 of our friends who gave prophetic word to us to confirm the gender. It was really exciting because my friends did not know I was pregnant then!

This week I am at Week 21, finally at the half way mark but yet also finding this pregnancy passing really quickly. There are some days I forgot which week I was at, but yet never forgetting that I am pregnant because of my huge bump and nagging ache at my lower pelvic. So far, its been a very different pregnancy compared to the 1st, and a rather physically demanding one especially when I have Zoe to look after. Its no longer sitting down to rest or taking a nap when you want, but trying to always keep up to the demands of a toddler to the best you can - carrying, squatting, bending, running after etc..

Just yesterday alone, I had a really big scare from this pregnancy. I woke up at about 4am to use the bathroom, and discovered that I was bleeding fresh red blood. I stared at the toilet paper for a good 10 seconds to make sure I was not having a bad nightmare before hurrying to take another piece of toilet paper to wipe again to make sure I was not bleeding continuously and thank God I wasn't and after the second wipe, it seemed like there was no more blood. I hurried out of the bathroom in shock to quickly turn on the bedside lights to google "Pregnancy bleeding at Week 21".

I was reading the article but not really absorbing anything at all because I was too traumatized and couldn't take anything in. I tried to calm down and ask myself if I could feel any pain at all, but I couldn't not feel my stomach or my hands, or legs, I was just too shock and paralyzed in fear.

My husband and I prayed, or rather he prayed while I was sobbing and then he read my favorite Psalm from the bible followed by turning on the audio bible to continue reading throughout while we tried to go back to sleep. It was obviously hard to go back to sleep, because all I could think of was the worst case scenario of losing the baby at this stage and I guess for the husband too, because after lying in the dark for a long time, I could still hear his "amens" when the audio bible was reading. I lied on the bed waiting to feel the movements of the baby and when i finally felt him kick, gosh... I was just so so so so thankful.

As it was a Sunday the next morning, my gynae was not around in his clinic and I was contemplating the whole day to go to the hospital or not as the bleeding had stopped, baby is kicking and I had no pain at all. And finally at almost 6pm, my husband managed somehow find his number and I got to to speak him on the phone. It felt like speaking to a long lost loved one because I broke into tears when I heard his voice. hahaha. It went like this "Dr Ho (sniff), I was bleeding this morning (swallowing my saliva to hide my shaky voice), should i go to the hospital now (sniff sniff)." My gynae asked some questions and assured me that it was okay and he will see me on Monday morning. And for the rest of the Sunday, it was bed rest, and making sure that the baby is still kicking regularly.

So, today I saw him in the morning, and thank God the scan showed that everything was okay. Baby is okay, structurally my womb looks okay and the bleeding probably came from the edge of the placenta's tissue as there were some dark spots there. There is nothing I can do to prevent it from happening again nor any answers on why it happened, so for now its just rest and no strenuous exercise or movements.

It was a huge scare and a very stressful 30 hours or so... Indeed every life is a miracle, and I am so thankful that God preserved the baby and this pregnancy. Another 19 more weeks to go, and I pray for no more of such bleeding and no more such scares, and I am more determined to eat better and take better care of myself from now on.

Alright, this is really a very long update, but thanks for reading, and if I don't blog again this week, here's wishing everyone a Happy New Year!

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