Monday, November 16, 2015

Hello #2!

YESSSSS! We are expecting baby number 2! And this is the reason why I have suddenly stopped blogging for the past 2 months and been rather inactive in my Instagram account. I have been battling with the nasty pregnancy symptoms like - morning sickness (SAVE MEEE!!), bloatedness, very bad acid reflux, fatigue and sudden hunger pangs that makes me want to faint.

For easy reading, I did a pretty similar Q&A style for this entry like when I first announced my 1st pregnancy!

How many weeks now?
I am currently into my 15 weeks, and will be due in early May 2016!

How's Zoe taking the news?
Well, I think she is still too young to really understand what's going on, but nevertheless we get her to pray, lay hands and kiss the baby every night. She is aware I am having a baby and we hope that she will transit really well to be a big sister!

How's did the husband react to the news?
ELATED with tears in the eyes :')

The bump is showing much earlier than the 1st pregnancy!

How different is this pregnancy compared with the previous?
VERY DIFFERENT. I didn't have such bad morning sickness or acid reflux when I had Zoe, so this time round I was quite taken aback. The symptoms started at Week 6 and I was feeling so crappy and miserable all day 24/7. I didn't feel inspired at all and all I want to do is to lie on bed and pray that this queasiness pass me soon. I really enjoyed my 1st pregnancy and even told myself that I would miss it, but this time round all I could think of is counting down to the day of delivery. Even up till now, I still regurgitates especially in the night, and honestly I cannot see the light at the end of the tunnel till I deliver the baby. I MISS ENJOYING FOOD! :(

Food cravings? Food aversion?
Basically I eat whatever I can stomach and sometimes there are certain food I can't repeat... Like for example some noodles I ate for lunch, and if I thought of it again I would end up in the toilet. In the early weeks of pregnancy, there were many food I had to avoid, like certain vegetables especially raw lettuces, the smell of Zoe's pork broth sent me straight to the toilet bowl, tomato paste linguine is a big no even till now too, which is sad because it used to be my favorite food. Food cravings, nothing too major or consistent. There were 1-2 weeks I ate tuna puffs almost everyday, and then now I am into curry puffs and coke. Super unhealthy, and I feel so bad eating all these junk because I ate super clean during my 1st pregnancy - no fast food, no instant noodles, no tidbits, and mostly all real food. Hopefully I get on track and be a little more conscious of what I put into my mouth!

So.. that's it for now, I will try to clear some really backdated entries soon!


  1. Lovely pictures! I just remembered the days when I was pregnant too. It was an amazing journey. Good luck on your journey too and welcome to motherhood! :)

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